The Motivation Manifesto – by Brendon Burchard

The-Motivation-ManifestoThe Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard is an unusual book. Not only because it has the look and feel of an old book; but because of the way it is written. Brendon Burchard has based his writing style in this book on The Declaration of Independence, which is kind of a neat idea. Although it is a bit declamatory at times, it certainly makes the reader take note of the content.

About the Author

Brendon Burchard is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, with several books in his resume. He is also a widely known motivational teacher and personal development trainer. As a popular speaker he has shared stages with many world-renowned thinkers, such as Wayne Dyer, Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson and many, many more.

About the Book

This book is sort of funny because of the way it is written, but the content is deeply serious. It is like a reference book on how we all should conduct our lives so we can re-claim our personal power and live lives of dignity and self-respect. The author does not hold back when it comes to the things he considers to be bad behavior and what he thinks should be done in order to turn things around. He demands that the reader takes a good look at what is going on in his or her life, and what needs to change to make things better.

Having written the book in the form of nine declarations is actually a brilliant way to present this material. It makes it easy to go into each problem and give advice in a more directed way. In some of the chapters, the author has broken down the declarations further, with lists on problems and solutions. There is great advice on what to think about and how to change what needs changing.

In some ways the goals in this book are very lofty and hard to reach, but as they say: “If you shoot for the sun, you’ll at least end up among the stars.” I see the book as more of a moral compass and a provider of ideas and support when in need.

My thoughts

I like this book quite a lot, and I will be picking it up many times. Even though I usually prefer books that are more personal than this book, it sort of speaks to me, and I like the reference book feeling. It is quite easy to read, and the suggestions are well thought-out and it is easy to get to what you need whenever you want to. I will most likely use it by just randomly opening it, as I usually do with books I like, because it seems that what I need is what comes up when I do that.

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Beautiful things for space-clearing

The scent of smoldering white sage for some reason makes me feel refreshed and safe. I know that you can do space-clearing with other things but to me; a beautiful bowl and some white sage is the best. I found this lovely bowl on Amazon and I really love it. Of course it can be used for burning other herbs but nothing beats the scent of white sage in my opinion.

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Keeping my home clutter-free and refreshed makes me happy, and these simple little things are a great help. The custom of space-clearing with burning herbs is old and considered sacred by many tribal communities, and what’s to say it doesn’t work?

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