Adventures of the soul – by James Van Praagh

adventures-of-the-soulAdventures of the soul is James Van Praaghs newest book and it deals with what happens when you die, the difference between religion and spirituality, our place in the system of source and many other things. He describes where the soul goes when we die and how we are greeted by our loved ones and our guides, the different levels we come to depending on our level of evolution and so on.

About the author

James Van Praagh is an American author, medium and television personality. He has written several books including a New York Times bestseller; Talking to Heaven. He was also co-executive producer for a TV-series about his life; The Ghost Whisperer.

He started out doing private readings for clients where he communicated with their loved ones on the other side, and soon started working with bigger audiences after selling a series of books and audiotapes. He has been featured on many TV-shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr Phil, Unsolved Mysteries, The View and many more.

About the book

This book explains many things like: what types of guides we have, what love is, the strength in thoughts and so on. There is also advice on how to stay positive so that you can receive positive things, the benefits of past-life regression to alleviate fears, phobias and other problems, why we are here and more.

One chapter deals with near death experiences, out of body experiences, astral projection and remote viewing, giving some examples.  In another chapter James Van Praagh talks about death as the doorway home and explains how one can see life on earth as being a diver with a finite amount of oxygen and no way of knowing how much we have.

What happens after death

According to the book what we experience after death is always loving but we also get to see what we have done wrong so that we can learn from it.  We get to go back to earth to evolve in life after life and some people who have been here many times are very evolved and can actually channel wisdom from the highest realms.

My thoughts

I have problems with this book; some parts I love and some parts I think are a bit shallow.  I really like his explanation of the difference between religion and spirituality, how sincerity is an important part of life; that you should walk your talk in everything you do and be kind and loving.

On the other hand I sometimes feel like he has crammed too many subjects into it, and then not really written much about them.  I unfortunately sometimes get the feeling he was not very inspired when he wrote this book and that he has forced it out for some reason.

I can unfortunately not give this book too good a review. It is not bad but if you are not a diehard James Van Praagh-fan, in which case you have probably already bought it, I think you should wait for the paperback.

If you want to buy the book you might want to add his newly released deck of Soul Journey Lesson Cards, a 44-card deck and guidebook that I have introduced earlier.

If you have thoughts or comments on this or any of the other posts, please use the comments section below. I would really like to know your opinion!

Namaste, Kristina

6 thoughts on “Adventures of the soul – by James Van Praagh”

  1. Hi Kristina,

    Just wanting to let you know that I enjoyed reading this review.

    I love your clean, easy though informative style.

    As I was reading ‘About the Book’ I was thinking Wow…that is a lot of very deep topics to cover in one book. So then when I read what you presented under ‘My Thoughts’ I wasn’t surprised with what you said – Thank you for sharing your honest opinion 🙂

    Blessings Be Kristina,

    – Rich

    1. Thank you so much Rich! I’m so happy you like it since I am an amateur at this, and I sometimes feel a bit uncertain about what the readers might think.

      Blessings! Kristina

    1. I hope you didn’t get too disappointed, I generally like him, but this one was not up to his standard. Thanks for reading! Regards, Kristina

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