Angel Medicine – by Doreen Virtue

Angel Medicine - by Doreen VirtueAngel Medicine is a combination of a travelogue and a reference book. It begins with descriptions of Doreen Virtue’s travels in Greece, England and Ireland where she meets and talks to angels and other beings. She also goes back to earlier lives where she learns about healing methods from ancient times. In parts two and three of the book she describes the information she gets during past life regressions and she also describes how love and light can help us heal or prevent many diseases.

About the Author

Doreen Virtue is an American author and inspirational teacher. She is the founder of Angel Therapy, which is a New Age healing therapy based on communication with the angels. Doreen is the author of  more than 50 books and 25 oracle card decks on a multitude of different topics. Her books have been translated into 38 different languages. She has travelled the world for more than 25 years, giving workshops. She has also created online workshops and appeared on TV and radio worldwide.

About the Book

The content of this book might be hard to accept if you do not have a very open mind. To many people the notion that you can talk to angels, channel messages from the stones at Stonghenge and that there are underground tunnels where alien beings live, can be a bit hard to swallow.

In the second part of Angel Medicine Doreen describes the principles of angel medicin. This part also contains referenses to scientific studies that show how we actually benefit from sunlight, which we for many years have been told we do not. Some references describe the positive effects of prayer and visualization and how these things can help us heal faster.

The third part of the book outlines several ways that we can ask the angels for help when we need to heal ourselves from things such as addiction and past life karma create defense against negative energy and more. The techniques are really simple and easy to do and the few of them I tried were actually really good.

In conclusion I would say that although this is by no means great litterature, it is definitely worth reading and I will be using it many times for reference. I really like the explanations of what angels are and what they do, and what responsibilities they have. I think that after reading this book I have a greater understanding of the angel realm.

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