Are there messages from angels?

Are there messages from agnels?
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I think we are all getting messages from angels, but we most often do not notice them. It is not that they are not there, but many of us believe that the messages should be accompanied by harps and the sounds of trumpets. That is not how you get them! At least not normally. The messages are mostly very subtle; a feather with a strange color, shadows where there should not be any, something glistening where there is nothing shiny, a feeling of comfort and presence when you need it or else; through your dreams. In your dreams you do not generally see them as angels, more often they appear as people you do not know, but who have messages for you about things you need to know.

They want to help you

Your angels are always there when you need them, and their goal is to help and support you. The problem for most of us is that we so often fight them and we do not take their advice because we do not follow our gut feelings. Decisions that follow our gut feeling are generally made with the help of the angels, and they are almost always the best decisions we can make, but we tend to follow our heads instead of our hearts.

Ask and you shall receive

When we really need help from the angels, the best thing to do is to be still and ask for their help and support, because we will always get it! It might not always be what we think we need, but what we get is always what is the best for us. We just have to ask, and then leave the rest to them, but that is the hard part. So often do we feel we have to do this or that, and when we do, we are interfering and taking the decisions out of the hands of the angels because we think we know best. So if you want their help; just ask, and then let them do their job, because they do it best.

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Blessings, Kristina

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  1. I have had experiences with angels. I have an angel that is with me when ever I am in a vehicle. I used to travel from Vermont to CT weekly and I would always ask my angel to keep me safe and free from the police. One time on my way back to Vermont, I forgot to ask for my angels help . I was speeding and guess what I got picked up for speeding. Previous to that when I had asked my angel for help , I had been able to know when to slow down, something let me know there was a cop a head. Since then I have always asked my angel to be with me. We all have angels. Most people I have talked to just laugh at me but they have no idea what they are missing.

    1. How cool! I also ask the angels to protect me when I’m traveling, and I ask them to protect my kids too. Never thought of asking them to warn me of the traffic cops, but that will be in my prayers from now on!
      My guides or angels gave me a really funny sign of their presence the other day by putting my car keys in my friends pocket. (there is no way she took them herself, the jacket and the keys where not in the same room!) I think maybe I should meditate on why they chose the car keys… they helped me know for sure they are around though, I never have to doubt again! 🙂 It is a lovely feeling to know I’m never alone. <3
      It amazes me that many people still believe that what you can't see does not exist, to me that is unfortunately ignorant. So many things that would have been considered impossible only 50-100 years ago are now commonplace, so what is to say that we will not all be in contact with angels i another 50 years?
      Thanks for dropping by!
      Namaste, Kristina

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