Angels are everywhere

angels-are-everywhereIf you think you don’t have angels around you, you are wrong! I don’t often tell others they are wrong because there is no definite wrong or definite right; there is just perception, but in this case I do because I’m certain I’m right! The angels really are everywhere around us and we all have them; from the day we are born until the day we transition from this world they are all around us. They try to help us but they can’t make us do what they whisper in our ears if we choose not to listen, and that is why some don’t believe in them.

In every religion there is some form of angelic beings, which to me is another connection between different belief systems. To me that is a very important thing, because I don’t want to have to conform to a regulated faith; my faith is in spirituality and goodness.

Angels come in different shapes or forms and some are not the winged creatures we have all seen on pictures, instead they are in disguise: they come as friends or helpers when we need them. I think we have all received help from a stranger at some point when we have been in peril and really needed assistance.

angels-are-everywhereI hope also that all of you have the wonderful type of angels we call friends! I know I do, and if I would have had any doubts, they are gone now because my friends are not only always there for me when I need them; they also listen more than I think they do and fulfill dreams for me that I didn’t know they knew I have.

Last weekend two of my friends took me to a place I have wanted to go for a very long time, where the energies are magical and you can feel history come to life. It is a small island in a huge lake and history is all around you here. Nature is filled with magic and beauty. It is the cradle of the Swedish kingdom and when walking in the oak forest one would not have been the slightest bit surprised if a knight in shining armor had come riding on a big horse. Fulfilling this dream for me like they did was such a wonderful thing that I don’t know how I will ever be able to repay them.

angels-are-everywhereMy angels of friendship are such a treasure, and as I grew up pretty much without real friends and feeling like a total outsider I cannot believe my luck to have these around me now. I’m in awe when I now realize how many of these angels I have, who I can call at any time night or day and they are there. I just hope they know how much I appreciate and cherish their friendship.

angels-are-everywhereI have, as of late, also found lots of angels of friendship all over the world through this wonderful invention called Internet. It is my great hope that this cobweb of growing friendships is the beginning of world peace and understanding. We now have an amazing opportunity to gain understanding for other cultures and to realize that we are all pretty much alike.

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8 thoughts on “Angels are everywhere”

  1. Greetings Kristina:

    Love your site. Very in”site”ful!

    I do believe in angels myself. Not too long ago I recorded an original song in my living room. I posted it online and a friend commented that there were “light globes” flying across the screen.

    My girl (videographer) and I did everything we could to reproduce the conditions, but never saw the angels again. You are welcome to have a look-see and let me know what you think.

    Definitely like the way you have your site designed and will be back to visit again.

    Best to you

    1. Thank you BigDaddyFred, how very kind of you! I watched your video and there was a lot of orbs in it, how wonderful <3

      I do believe in angels and I believe they have saved me many times when I have needed them 🙂

      Blessings, Kristina

    1. Thank you so much David, so kind of you! I’m certain angels are real and help us all the time if we just let them 🙂

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that their are angels around us. Whether it be human or spiritual. I’ve had miracles happen in my life, some were from the result of having friends and others were from Angels that are always around us. You have great friends Kristina, and I know you are just as great of a friend to them:)

    1. Dear Jazmin, thank you for this beautiful comment! You are absolutely correct; miracles happen to us all the time, unfortunately many people choose not to recognize them and explain them away. I do have wonderful friends and I’m in awe of their kindness and hope I am as good a friend to them as they are to me. Much love, Kristina

  3. Dear Kristina, I could not agree more. Many times in my life I am sure my angels have been there to guide me. I have always been a believer, and love it. One time in a particularly difficult time in my life, I got the surest guidance I ever had. It was enough to shock me out of my state of mind, and set me on the path for good. I also find places magical, as well as my friends who are angels in the human form. Thank you for sharing your precious heartfelt thoughts. I will be back. Cindy

    1. Dear Cindy, it is so nice to read your comment. Many people for some reason choose not to listen to the guidance they are getting and it makes me sad. I’m certain that the angels are there to help and guide us. My earliest memory of unexplained help is from a time when I was a child and for some reason lost consciousness for a moment and fell head on towards cobbles. When I came too I found that my hand was entangled in a rope which prevented my fall and there is no explanation how that happened. I was hanging upside down, but I was unharmed!
      Looking forward to you coming back here 🙂
      Love, Kristina

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