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Essential oils, the scent of health

FrankincenseEssential oils have always been highly treasured by medicine men and women in all cultures. They have been the scent of health and a cure for many different diseases and now western medicine has finally begun to catch up and realize that this actually works.

There is now a lot of research being done and essential oils have proved to help with the treatment Continue reading Essential oils, the scent of health

Surrender and see what happens

Surrender and see what happens
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I have always struggled to get what I want the way I want it and it has always been an uphill battle. Since I started my spiritual journey I have heard over and over again that I should tell the Universe what I want and stop trying to micro manage what needed to happen for me to get to my goal. Just basically Continue reading Surrender and see what happens

Always work for, not against anything!

Always work for - never against anything
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Mother Teresa once said: “I will never attend an antiwar rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”

That saying has made a lot of difference in my life, and I have practiced never to work against anything only for, because we make the things we don’t want grow and expand when we struggle Continue reading Always work for, not against anything!

Fight hate with love

Fight Hate With LoveI used to be one of those who reacted with anger in a split second when I felt disrespected. All my shields went up and I defended myself fiercely. It didn’t make a difference if I deep down felt that the ‘aggressor’ was right, I would not admit it for the life of me. I’d rather go down kicking and screaming defending something I knew was wrong than admit defeat. I could so easily have become a hater and someone who attacks others if I hadn’t had a good role model in my maternal grandmother and Continue reading Fight hate with love