Can I Contact My Guardian Angel?

Painted by: bernhard Plockhorst

Yes you certainly can! And you actually do, on a daily basis, without even knowing it. The thing is, we all do, but we don’t stop to listen for what they say to us! Because they do answer us all the time.

How do we know what they say? 

Well, that is not as easy to answer, but generally the signs are there if we look and listen. It can be a small voice in your ear, or you see something that triggers a memory, or you get a feeling in your body that you can’t explain. Quite often if you see the same thing over and over again; it is a message for you! the thing you have to do then is to interpret what it means, if it isn’t clear to you directly. You should not overthink things though! If the message is not clear thn you might want to meditate over it or just sit in stillness and quiet your mind to see what comes up, it’s always there but it might take some time to appear.

Repetitive thoughts

They often give you the same thought or feeling over and over again to make you understand that there is something they want you to do or learn or whatever it is. The Angels can be very intense, but they always want the best for you and they never, ever judge. They are loving and caring and all they want to do is get a chance to help you.

What happens if I don’t listen?

When you don’t listen they might try harder to get your attention by making you stub your toe or giving you a flat tire or something. You might even get sick for some unexplainable reason, or in the worst cases, you might get hurt or seriously ill. When they want your attention, they make sure you find out! Of course this is not always the case and diseases don’t always come from the angels, but they can sure help you recover if you ask them.

Contacting the angels purposely 

The easiest ways are through meditation or just by asking a question in your thoughts and then listening for an answer. The answer WILL come, although it might not always be the answer you want…

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment!

Blessings, Kristina

16 thoughts on “Can I Contact My Guardian Angel?”

  1. Another great post Kristina, it gets harder and harder these days to hear those messages clearly with all noise in the modern world. Taking some time out to meditate definitely helps.

    1. Thank you! Yes it does! I got a great sign in a dream the other night 🙂 I have been a bit low for a while and was a bit doubtful when it comes to these things and had really been asking for a strong sign. So I dreamt I was out walking in the forest and I thought “is there anyone here with me?”. In that moment it went pitch black for a second and a strong wind almost pushed me to the ground. I woke up, still feeling the wind, and heard a smiling voice saying “Strong enough for you this time?”. They really have a sence of humour! 🙂 Blessings, Kristina

  2. I enjoyed reading your posts about angels. This is an enlightening site and full of encouragement in a world where there is a lot of stress. I love the picture of the angel and the children. Thank you for such uplifting posts. Will you have guest blogs? I will like to come back and see what else you will have. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much, I’m so glad you like it! It is still a work in progress and I will start adding books now, to the blog. I haven’t quite figured everything out, but I intend to at least have a Newsletter and maybe guest blogs too. I just started it about 1,5 weeks ago, so the plans are still a little blurry 😉

  3. Hi Kristina

    The last time I visited your site was at it’s early stages which even then was great.

    I can see how well you have progressed since then. Well done.

    For the last few days I keep coming across thoughts of New Age books.

    I have quite a few at home and felt I needed to read or look into a particular book. I knew there was a reason for it but I couldn’t find an answer there.

    I decided for a quiet and short meditation on what are my Guardian Angels trying to say to me and which book are they referring to and why?

    But is wasn’t a book I had actually it wasn’t a book at all. They were telling me or really showing me an image I had when I was little child, which to this day I still have a picture of it that i passed to my children when they were little around the 6 and 4 year mark they are now 19 & 17.

    They both have a different picture resembling the same aspect. That is a Guardian Angel looking over the children.

    One of the images is the same as what you have on your website with the Guardian Angel looking after the children.

    This was the image they showed me and from my last visit I remembered that you had the same image and that a connection needed to be made.

    So here I am again as a result and so glad to be here.

    I started to read much of what you have here ,there is more to read so I will need to revisit again but for now it’s purpose was to visit and connect which I believed has been achieved.

    Each minute I spent here so far has brought me peace and tranquility which lately I have been in need of.

    I know now my Guardian Angels were wanting me to find your site once more I still feel there is more but as you know well our Guardian Angel don’t tell all until the time is right whatever that right and whenever the time is. Until then I will wait for their guidance.

    So Kristina I just wanted to let you know how I felt being here reading the beautiful words of wisdom you shared.

    Thank you for that.

    You are very talented special spiritual soul and worthy of being in the light.

    Next time I will visit I will allow more time to be here so once again I can see a vision you show through the bright eyes the universe has given us.

    I have come to the conclusion this will be another place to be when I want to be at peace in the light.

    Consider this as another place of meditation for the mind.

    I have asked my Guardian Angel along with other Guardian Angels to send my thoughts ,love, light and energy to you and for your website.

    May the light shine over you and strengthen all you do.

    Light and love.
    Namaste Andre

    1. Andre you brought tears to my eyes, you are such a beautiful soul and I hope we will have a chance to meet one day. You spread such joy and kindness in all you do and write, and I’m so thankful to have met you through this online endeavour.

      I love the image of Guardian Angels watching over children and I always have. We have one of those pictures at my parents house and it is beautiful. I have not been that much in touch with the Angels until this last year when somehow everything opened up and I am truly grateful for their presence in my life.

      You wonderful words about my site gives me the energy to keep working, it has been a bit hard lately but now I feel I will be working harder on it again.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Andre, your light is shining right across the world.

      The Dude walks with you and guides you in everything you do, and so it is.

      Namaste my dear friend, Kristina

      1. You are most welcome.

        It would be a more than a privilege to meet such an awesome person as yourself and nothing would give me greater satisfaction in the hope this would happen.

        Yes the Dude always does marvelous works and you are an example of that.

        I too am thankful of our Guardian Angels they are so kind and helpful it is through them I can give what I can.

        Love and Love Always Kristina

        Namaste Andre

        1. You truly are a gift my friend, let’s start manifesting that meeting! I don’t know when or how, but if we decide it will happen then it will. The Dude works in mysterious ways 😉

          Namaste my dear friend, Kristina

          1. That would be a great and welcome gift from the Dude. Working on that thought already.
            Always Light & Love.

          2. It would be such a perfect gift! 🙂 Sorry for not answering earlier, I have had a good friend staying here for a few days and we have had so much fun so I have barely done anything on the laptop 😀
            Lots of blessings and love coming your way! Namaste, Kristina

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