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Wishes Fulfilled – by Dr. Wayne D Dyer

wishes-fulfilledWishes Fulfilled, mastering the art of manifesting, is one of the last books by Wayne Dyer, and it is a gem. It sums up the things he learned that helped him to live a wishes fulfilled life and he tells of the synchronicities that led him to reverse the ego-dominated direction his life was taking in his earlier years. In this book he gives some suggestions for how Continue reading Wishes Fulfilled – by Dr. Wayne D Dyer

Use the stuff you love

kristallglasSo often we have all of this stuff that we love and cherish and we tuck it away for safe keeping in a safety deposit box or in a cabinet and never use it. We think that we will take it out and use it some other day, but that day almost never comes and the things just stand there. Sometimes we open the cabinet door and get reminded of how much we love our things, and then we close the door Continue reading Use the stuff you love

Beautiful things for space-clearing

The scent of smoldering white sage for some reason makes me feel refreshed and safe. I know that you can do space-clearing with other things but to me; a beautiful bowl and some white sage is the best. I found this lovely bowl on Amazon and I really love it. Of course it can be used for burning other herbs but nothing beats the scent of white sage in my opinion.

Amazon also has white sage at really good prices:

Keeping my home clutter-free and refreshed makes me happy, and these simple little things are a great help. The custom of space-clearing with burning herbs is old and considered sacred by many tribal communities, and what’s to say it doesn’t work?

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Surrender and see what happens

Surrender and see what happens
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

I have always struggled to get what I want the way I want it and it has always been an uphill battle. Since I started my spiritual journey I have heard over and over again that I should tell the Universe what I want and stop trying to micro manage what needed to happen for me to get to my goal. Just basically Continue reading Surrender and see what happens