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Always work for, not against anything!

Always work for - never against anything
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Mother Teresa once said: “I will never attend an antiwar rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”

That saying has made a lot of difference in my life, and I have practiced never to work against anything only for, because we make the things we don’t want grow and expand when we struggle Continue reading Always work for, not against anything!

Fight hate with love

Fight Hate With LoveI used to be one of those who reacted with anger in a split second when I felt disrespected. All my shields went up and I defended myself fiercely. It didn’t make a difference if I deep down felt that the ‘aggressor’ was right, I would not admit it for the life of me. I’d rather go down kicking and screaming defending something I knew was wrong than admit defeat. I could so easily have become a hater and someone who attacks others if I hadn’t had a good role model in my maternal grandmother and Continue reading Fight hate with love

Is Age Just a Number?

Is age just a number?I would say that it depends on you and your interaction with the world. If you have a positive outlook on life and take good care of yourself, then age is most definitely just a number! A 25-year old can be really old and an 80-year old can be the youngest person you ever met. I remember a girl who went to my school when I was in seventh grade; she looked and acted like she was about 40 and it Continue reading Is Age Just a Number?