Changing your vibration

Changing your vibration
Me, vibrating like crazy

Have you ever thought about why we say that we are low when we are unhappy? And high when we are happy? To me it makes perfect sence, when we are happy we have a high vibration and when we are unhappy our vibration is low.

Like a radio frequence

Our vibration is like the frequencies on the radio, when we are angry, depressed, sad, we are on the lower end of the scale. When we are happy, content, laughing, we are on the higher end of the scale. We are constantly radiating our frequencies to the rest of the world, and to make the world a better place, we should make it our goal to always radiate high frequencies.

Can we choose our frequencies?

Yes! That is the beauty of it! We actually can decide that we don’t want to be sad or angry and we can re-train our brains for happiness by choosing to be happy. It takes quite a bit of training, but it is sooooo worth it! The way to do it is to ask yourself; how do I feel? And if the answer is; “not so good”, then you start thinking about things that you love; your children, your pets, beautiful music, or whatever it is for you and your feeling will change and so will your vibration!

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Blessings Kristina

4 thoughts on “Changing your vibration”

  1. Hi Kristina great information! It reminds of a book I read called Happiness is a Choice a lot of people don’t know that they can simply choose how they feel or how they will not feel and they just go along with the tide of the emotions. At the Option Institute I have heard this called Stimulus Response Belief. As you mention it is hard to change our mindset to a happiness mindset and this is due in part to the believes that we hold about the situation or event that is happening. I think that you will def. help a lot of people with your website and the world will be a much happier place!

    1. Thank you so much, that is very kind of you. I would be very happy if I could help people! Blessings, Kristina

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