Clear Your Clutter With FENG SHUI – by Karen Kingston

Clear your clutter with Feng ShuiFeng shui is an ancient Chinese system for creating harmony in our houses and workplaces. It has been used for thousands of years and is a way of making the energies around us flow in a healthy and positive way. Many people bring in Feng Shui practitioners when they plan to build houses or offices and also when they are thinking of buying a property, to make sure that the energies are “good Feng Shui”. In Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, Karen Kingston gives advice on how we can do this for ourselves in our homes to make them more welcoming and peaceful.

About the Author

Karen Kingston is a leading expert on clutter clearing and the author of two international bestsellers on this subject. She used to live in Bali for six months out of every year for a very long time but is now based in the UK, where she was born. While in Bali she created a hotel and conference center based completely on the Feng Shui principals. After returning to the UK she and her Australian-born husband Richard Sebok, are now running Karen Kingston International Ltd, where they offer workshops, training and a lot more for those who want to learn more about Feng Shui.

About the Book

In this book Karen Kingston leads us through some ways to take on the clutter that has a way of just showing up and she talks about how the stuff we keep affects our wellbeing and makes us feel overwhelmed. She offers systems for clearing the clutter and gives examples of how we can make it easier for ourselves by changing how we feel and think about the things we keep for different reasons. It can be a matter of duty or that we place unnecessary value in things we really don’t like or need.

With the help of this book it gets a lot easier to get rid of things and understand why we hoard and why it really doesn’t do us any good to do that. She also explains how having a lot of dust and grime around makes the energies get stuck and cause us to feel uncomfortable in the place we are supposed to feel the most happy and peaceful; our homes. At times it is a bit painful to read it, because it makes us take a good look at how we choose not to see the piles that are building up in our cabinets, but it is a strong wake-up call and oh so helpful.

My thoughts

For me, this book has been very good for me. It got me going and helped me realize how much stuff I really had that I don’t need and often don’t even like. I cleared out so much from my closets and cabinets that I could give away to charity or sell, and it made a world of difference in how my home feels. Not only is it a lot easier to clean; I no longer have the feeling that I should do this or that, it’s already done and it’s so much nicer at home now that I know that it’s clutter free! I really recommend this book to anyone who needs some ideas and guidelines for how to de-clutter their home. It’s easy to read and although it is at times a bit uncomfortable to take a good look at what we have created, it’s very healthy to do so and then make the necessary changes.

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