Do We All Have To Be Happy All The Time?

Do we all have to be happy all the time?
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Of course not! But it seems like too many of us have come to the conclusion that we should not have any negative feelings at all and so more and more people use anti depressants as soon as something goes wrong. It is like we have become scared of being sad! It’s not like I think we should go out of our way to feel sad, but we have to realize that feeling sad is not a disease, it is a part of life.

Why are feelings scary?

Do we all have to be happy all the time?
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I really don’t know why we have become so scared of feelings. It is as if when we feel sad we fall out of the norm or something. We are supposed to be happy, effective, good looking, have great careers, be fit, have the best clothes, have expensive houses etc etc, but we are definitely not supposed to feel sad or be depressed. Our souls should preferably stay tucked away in a neat little compartment and not come out under any circumstances other than in an orderly fashion if we go to church or something.


The pharmaceutical companies have grabbed on to this as much as possible and are handing out one type of anti depressants after another. If you feel the slightest bit sad; take a pill! If that doesn’t work; take another one! They introduce these pills to the doctors and quite often give them different types of incitements for prescribing as much of their pills as possible, and so the doctors prescribe pills instead of trying to figure out WHY people are sad! Not all doctors of course, but unfortunately too many. They are stressed out too, and have to be efficient and they have been trained to prescribe pills.

They take things away!

Do we all have to be happy all the time?
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The thing about the pills is that they numb ALL feelings, they don’t make you happy, they take away the feelings you want to have too. I took anti depressants after the tsunami where I lost some friends and they made me feel worse, because I started losing my memory, I couldn’t find the words I needed, I couldn’t concentrate and I also never felt really happy. I was numb for years before I realized what was going on. The first time I felt really happy after I got rid of the pills I didn’t understand what it was!

Feelings are natural and good

If you have lost a loved one or something, then of course you are going to be sad! That is a part of life! Not something you need a pill for; you need someone to talk to, or you need to connect with nature, or you need to take time to yourself! And therein lies another part of the problem; you are supposed to be effective, not need time to yourself, and so we put a bandaid on the wound instead of healing it.


When we tuck away our feelings like this, we stress the system to the max and one day it might explode and we fall into a serious depression. If you look around, more and more people have more and more psychological problems, and if you look at the leaflets in the pillboxes almost all of them have as a sideffect that they can make you depressed!?!?! Isn’t that just outrageous! They can also impair your memory (which would most definitely make me sad) and give you all sorts of strange problems.

Pills can be good, but not for all of us

Do we all have to be happy all the time?
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Now I am not saying that people who are deeply depressed should not take those pills, of course they should, but all of those who are just mildly depressed and maybe just a bit sad should not! Research shows it doesn’t help on those anyway! There is a lot of other ways to go; exercise is very good for example, connecting with nature helps, and there are herbs and spices one can ingest too, like St John’s wort, that have no real side effects. (some might lessen the effects of other medication, so do your homework first!)

Natural remedies

In Germany you can actually get St John’s Wort pills to fight depression prescribed by doctors! I think it is so sad that we have lost so much information about how to use herbs and natural remedies, we really need to start catching up on that again rather than stuffing ourselves and the environment with all sorts of unnatural potions that the big pharmaceutical companies want us to buy. We all need to start learning about this and take better care of ourselves.


There is also other things we can do to fight depression, and one of the most powerful things is meditation. In meditation we can find peace and clarity and hope. Meditation is a proven way of getting better at concentrating and learning and there are actually schools where they teach children to meditate and those children benefit immensely from it. They behave more calmly in the classrooms and towards each other and their grades get better, and isn’t that just what we want for our children?

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Love and light always, Kristina

2 thoughts on “Do We All Have To Be Happy All The Time?”

  1. Hello, Kristina. This is a great article. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2011, went for help, prescribed drugs and they did the same thing to me. Memory loss, feeling more depressed. So, I quit taking them, now I just suppress the depression. I know there are a lot of people out there that are on these drugs, but they just continue to take them and some even overdose on them. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Peggy, thanks for your comment! Those pills should only be prescribed to those who are a danger to themselves or something as serious, since the pills are dangerous. Today I take lots of Vitamin B12 and some other supplements to stay okay. I think it is horrible that the doctors do not check vitamin levels on patients before giving them anti depressants, since it is so often just a matter of vitamin deficiency. For example; most people who suffer from bi-polar disorder get better when they get massive doses of Vitamin B12! I could go on an on about this so I’ll stop there 🙂 thank you so much for dropping by!
      Blessings, Kristina

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