Do you know what you want?

Do you know what you want?
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Have you ever wondered why so many people walk around in an almost constant state of anger and frustration?  Why some just lash out at anything and go ballistic at the slightest little perceived insult or injury?  I think it is because most people are in a state of; not knowing what they want, not knowing what to ask for and not knowing how to get it! So, how about you, do you know what you want?

Things don’t make a difference

Yes, I know, many people seem to have everything they want and they are still angry.  In my opinion having everything you want materially is not the equivalent of being happy if you don’t have peace of mind.  The most content people I have met have never been those who have a lot of material possessions!

Do you know what you want?
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People seem to be so used to not getting what they want that they have lost the ability to figure out their own desires.  They watch TV and read papers and find that this year we are all supposed to want this  or that new gadget for Christmas.  It is as if money and things are supposed to be the remedy for depression, not love and happiness.

What are you supposed to want?

We are supposed to want a new car or a new computer thingy or whatever to feel successfull, even if we really don’t want those things!  We may be absolutely happy with the old car or the old lawn mower or whatever it is that the neighbours bought and we now think we have to want, but we don’t see that, because we think we are not good enough if we don’t buy more and more stuff.

Do you know what you want?
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So instead of thinking about what we want, we think a lot about what we don’t want and what we believe we are supposed to want, which I think makes us frustrated and angry, and why wouldn’t it?  I mean; the more we think about what we don’t want, the more of those things we find!  It is always like that, what we think about is the experience we create for ourselves.  So what to do?

What is it you don’t want?

We can actually start by clearly thinking of the things we don’t want; write them down if you need to. Make a long list if that is what you need to do.  Then you look at what you have written and figure out, for every item you have written; what is the opposite? What is the contrast to what you wrote?   e. g. ”I don’t want to be poor” becomes ”I want to be rich” and so on.

Do you know what you want?
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You have every right to go for what you want and to state that you deserve it too.  There is quite enough for us all, and just because you want your share doesn’t mean you are robbing someone else of their share!

Why do you want it?

Why do you want what you want?  If it is to rub other peoples nose in it, it will not make you happier.  You might think it will and you may feel superior for a little while, but that feeling is like using drugs; you will need a bigger fix in just a little while.  Therefore it is a good idea to think about why you want something.  If it is for your own greater good and satisfaction, then you will be able to enjoy it.

It’s yours already!

When you have figured these things out; start feelin like it is already yours!  Start feeling the feelings of satisfaction and happiness immediately!  You know you already have your desires fulfilled, so why not enjoy it?  ”I’ll be happy when it comes” only pushes your happiness forward and will keep the fulfillment of your desires just out of reach, so start being happy and grateful now.  Where is the harm in that?

Please give me your thoughts on this or any of the other posts in the comments section!  I really like reading your input.

Namaste, Kristina

2 thoughts on “Do you know what you want?”

  1. great post!

    sometimes we may not know WHY we want something, just that we want it, and that can be good enough (at least it is not a negative wanting to do harm to another person)

    all the best,

    1. Thank you! As long as what we want is not harming anyone else we can wish for whatever we want, but sometimes we seem to wish for things just because others want or have them. I was so relieved when I realized that and stopped wanting the things that are in fashion. Not getting everything just because they are in fashion saves me the hazzle of having to get rid of them when I get tired of them 🙂
      Love and light always, Kristina

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