Essential oils, the scent of health

FrankincenseEssential oils have always been highly treasured by medicine men and women in all cultures. They have been the scent of health and a cure for many different diseases and now western medicine has finally begun to catch up and realize that this actually works.

There is now a lot of research being done and essential oils have proved to help with the treatment of quite a few diseases. The research has even brought into question if the nose is actually where we had the first smell receptors, because we have them in many other parts of our bodies, which is what makes the oils work so well.

Frankincense has been known for thousands of years and was one of the treasures that were brought by the 3 kings to baby Jesus, according to legend. It’s considered one of the most beneficial oils we can use and it allegedly helps to heal many different conditions, so why not try it out?


Frankincense is also used to treat skin conditions like rashes,  to get rid of brown spots, rejuvenate and refresh your skin, and it has a lovely scent.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that the oil will be of any medical benefit and it has not been approved for medical treatment by FDA.

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2 thoughts on “Essential oils, the scent of health”

  1. Hiya, My sister used to sell these sorts of stuff when she worked in the very first evr Body Shop in Brighton – it’s where all herbal sales from them started.

    Over the years I’ve been used as a guinea pig – a test person – for all sorts of herbally and otherwise things. As a Christian I was reading with a slightly different eye, as well, and wondered whether each bottle came with it’s own Baby Jesus for us to try it out on?

    You are. absolutely correct where you tell us the old uses of frankiancence. It was very widely used across many hostorical and hysterical empires. They must have whiffed lovely in them days, but they didn’t have closed sewers.

    I’ve smelled franakinsence because my sister uses all stuff like that still, including them whiffy sticks you set fire to. We have to leave her house just to take a breath sometimes. But I can admit, the smell of frankincence is nice when my eyes stop watering.

    Frank And No Sense gets my vote every time and I lay you a fiver you don’t print this. It’s a result of of them herbs, you know!

    Have fun – Andre

    1. LOL, Hi André, that’s hilarious! Good to be a guinea pig who smells nice though! It’s so great that they are actually doing the research now and that they have actually found that essential oils has a medicinal use. It’s been used to heal a whole lot of different diseases with good result.
      I guess you must have used them a little too much though, maybe it is possible to OD on them after all!

      Cheers, Kristina

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