Forgive and let go

Forgive and let go
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Do you tend to hang on to what someone said to you or about you, like insults, insensitive remarks or maybe how someone didn’t notice your new clothes? Are you still hurt 15 years later by what an old classmate said or didn’t say to you? What happens in your body when you think about it? Does your belly tighten or maybe you grit your teeth and frown? Do you think the person who you feel hurt you senses your anger?

Don’t hold on to anger

If you think holding on to old wounds does you any good you need to think again! The only one who gets hurt by doing that is you, and all the time you spend on it is time you could have spent being happy. Think about it; the person who said those hurtful things most likely has no idea that you are still hurt and in some cases they never knew you got hurt in the first place! I actually know of people who cannot let go of old insults from people who are no longer alive, and isn’t that just sad?

Forgiving is for you

What you need to do to stop this behavior of living in the past is to forgive. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you in any way condone what was done to you. You don’t have to start socializing with the person who hurt you and you don’t have to say that what was done was okay; you just have to forgive the person, not the deed. Forgiving is something you do for YOU, not for anyone else. Forgiving means you say; okay, what happened was not okay but I forgive and let go of this so that I can find peace.

Forgive and let go
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Let go!

The key words here are: let go! When you forgive and let go you can almost touch the relief in your whole system! You no longer have to drag the burden of being stuck in the past with you like a lead anchor and you are free to live in the here and now. It’s like the feeling you get when you have been wearing a pair of shoes that are too tight and you finally get to take them off. The relief is incredible!

Drop the burden
Forgive and let go
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Many people react by saying that what was done is impossible to forgive, it was too mean, too cruel, but that is a misconception: you can forgive anything because the one who carries the burden of not forgiving is you! I’m not saying that it’s easy, and you will most likely think of it more than once after you have done the work too, but it is so worth it. The one who hurt you is probably not aware of how you feel so why not look at it like this: if you keep carrying that burden he or she actually wins, so when you forgive; you win!

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