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Free numerology readingI had a bit of fun tonight and got a free numerology reading from Mike Madigan, and it was surprisingly accurate! I don’t know much about this topic but the two times I have gotten readings like this I have been very surprised at how to the point they have been. I recognize allmost everything it says about me, including the things I don’t necessarily like…

You can get a free reading too if you want to, just click the link and fill out your info!

Numerology has been around for a very long time and although it is scoffed at by many I think we should form our own opinion, and if we can get a little insight by getting a free reading like this; isn’t that just great?

Treat yourself to a bit of numerology tonight, it’s free! Click Here!

If you want a more in-depth reading you can of course get that too, and then you will get a whole bunch of cool bonus stuff too. Mike Madigan’s has gotten good reviews and is by many considered to be the real deal. He promises to not only give you information about your future, but also that he can tell you things that have happened to you in the past; specific things! It sounds really interesting and I think I will have to try it out, so maybe next Sunday I will.

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2 thoughts on “Free Numerology Readings”

  1. This is a very interesting subject: I have got a few numerology readings in my life, and the results were quite different each time – I don’t know what does it depend on.

    1. Hi Andrea! I don’t know either why they differ, maybe it was because of the different times you did them? From what I understand they change from month to month or year to year and not only because of our birthtime. the parts that were based on my birth date were actually pretty similar on both my readings, I was quite surprised 🙂
      Blessings, Kristina

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