Honoring a hero

Honoring a heroWhen I follow the teachings of our beloved Dr. Wayne W Dyer I always learn something new. It doesn’t matter if I have heard or read a clip or a book 20 times, there is always something new to learn. From him I have learned to be calm during the worst of storms and to always trust that I am safe, no matter what.

In the eye of the storm and whatever happens to my earthly body, my soul is still safe and that is what matters. My soul is full of eternal love and wisdom and it never changes, if I let it be my guide everything will work out to my highest good. Living from my highest good I will only ask: “how can I serve” and not think about what I can get out of it. My ego will constantly try to make me figure out what’s in it for me, but that is not what matters.

If I only focus on how I can serve and trust that my soul, the part of me that is a spark of God is always safe, then I need not worry about anything else. My inner self, the egoless and loving part of me that never changes cannot be harmed and cannot be lost, it is always there and it will always know the way home to Source, just like the water that finds its way back to the ocean.

Knowing that I’m safe and protected is the way to find alignment with Source, and when I find that alignment I know I will be taken care of. What I need and what is best for me will be there with divine timing and I will always have everything I need. I never have to worry about anything when I’m in alignment with Source, I only have to watch while my highest good unfolds and surrender to what happens.

The best way to find this higher self, at least in my opinion, is to remember that whatever happens to the body; the me that is my higher self is always safe and always connected to source. When I meet other people with love and acceptance I will be able to see the spark in them that comes from Source and that will make it much easier to perceive them with goodness. Seeing the spark of Source is seeing the part of your fellow man that is intimately connected to you and can never be separated from you.

Love and acceptance is the language that brings all people together and it transcends all earthly laws, religions and customs. It is the way we can save the earth and create peace and the heavenly existence that we all want in this life. We can only create this for ourselves, but if we try and teach what we have learned, not only by serving others with words and explanations but by living our lives true to our teaching we will be able to make a huge difference and when our children see what we model for them, lives will be changed forever.

Always choose love, because where love is fear cannot enter.

Honoring a heroThis is what I learned from the wonderful man who was known to us by the name Wayne Dyer, and who has now left this realm and has spread his wings like a beautiful butterfly. We will all miss him for a long time, but we have the opportunity to take his teachings and spread them to others. I think this is what he would have wanted us to do, don’t you?

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2 thoughts on “Honoring a hero”

  1. Wonderful post, Kristina, absolutely lovely! I used to read his books too , or similar books, and I still have his The Sky’s the Limit on my bookshelf. Now reading this post of yours I feel that I have to get back to reading this mental/spiritual stuff, and get hold of something else that Dr. Wayne W. Dyer wrote. What would you recommend – if any – if I were to pick just one of his books? Looking forward to your answer!

    1. Hi Tarja, and thanks! I love watching Dr. Dyer’s speeches and lectures, he was an amazing man. If there is one book I’d recommend right now it’s “You’ll see it when you believe it”, which I have reviewed here: http://booksforthenewage.com/youll-see-it-when-you-believe-it-by-wayne-dyer. It is pretty old, but I loved it. I still have not had the time to read all his books, and I look forward to doing it, so I will have to get back to you on that 🙂
      Hope you like my pick if you decide to read it!
      Namaste, Kristina

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