How to Live Your Best Life

How to live your best lifeAre you appearing as yourself or as someone you have learnt is desirable by your peers? Do you play a part? If you want to learn how to live your best life; it is a good idea to listen in on your own truth, and what YOU want to do. No one else is living your life for you so why not live it yourself? If you suspect that you might be so used to the role you are playing that you don’t even know what you want, it might be a good idea to spend some time on your own without distractions. That is how you can start finding out what YOU like!

Don’t blame others

When I catch myself playing a part to please others it gives me an unpleasent feeling, and in some cases it even makes me resent those who I try to please! As if they are the reason I play the part! They never asked me to do that, so why do I get annoyed at them? Well, I guess it is easier to blame others than to take responsibility for what I am doing that I don’t like…

Live authentically

How to live your best lifeSo if you are like me, and you want to learn how to live your best life with authenticity you not only need to appear as yourself in the game of life; you also need to be responsible for those times when you don’t! If you blame others for what you do, you can’t change it.

There really is nothing wrong with playing a role if that is what you want to do, but if it puts you in a position where you feel bad; change your role and don’t blame anyone else.

You don’t have to play a part

It is such a relief when you realize you don’t have to play a part; you can shed that part whenever you want to and take charge of yourself and be who you really are.

Sure, you might lose some friends in the process, but if they don’t like who you really are; are they true friends? Do you really need them? Those who are real friends will love you and appreciate you no matter what, and they will cherish your growth.

No more roles

There is nothing more freeing than to step out into the world without those false layers of people pleasing roles. It makes us stronger, healthier and actually even more attractive! There is nothing more attractive than a person who has the courage to be herself or himself. There is an aura of strength and calmness around those who do have that bravery.

When one begins to drop the roles it is scary at first, but the more you become yourself, the easier it gets, and you also begin to notice that most people actually don’t care. Most people accept you anyway and you feel stronger with every step you take in the direction of your true self.

Finding strength

How to live your best lifeYou will also notice that the more you let yourself show up, the more you will like who you are. I think this is because when you play roles, you are subconsciously uncomfortable, and that makes you dislike yourself; because you can never play the role perectly since it is not YOU.

So: show up, be yourself, be responsible and love yourself!

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