How to make your life better and more fearless

How to make your life better and more fearless
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Have you ever thought about what fear really is? Where it comes from? Quite often we are afraid of things that aren’t real, and we cannot explain even to ourselves why we get scared, so what is it? It would often be so much easier not to get scared so I think it is a good idea to figure out how we can master our fears, and stay on top of them. Learning to master our fears is probably also something that will make society better, because hatred between groups of people is almost always based in fear. So do you know how to make your life better and more fearless?

The new things filter

How to make your life better and more fearless
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What I have realized is that when we grow up and learn new things, the new knowledge is stored in certain parts of our brain so that we do not have to think about what we do or see all the time; it becomes automatic. We do, for example, not have to think about how to use a glass or a bed, we just do it. This is of course very good; we see new things we can use and we filter those things through our knowledge bank and use them; again, without consciously thinking about it.

Fear filters

How to make your life better and more fearless
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The problem is when we encounter something that is filtered throughold thoughts and beliefs that tell us it’s dangerous. We have a tendency to filter new things we don’t understand through the “warning system” and especially if we have had something bad happen in connection to a new event, the signal back will be; don’t do it! If we are not aware of these automatic responses and therefore do not question if our response is correct, we are likely to retract from things we want to do and experience and thus limit our lives.

Rational or fearbased?

In my opinion we should test our reaction to new experiences and question if it is really rational or if it is just fearbased. Fear of rejection, fear of ridicule, fear of failure. All those fears are just a thought, they are not real! You will not be rejected by those who really mean anything, you will not be ridiculed if you don’t allow yourself to feel ridiculed and you can never fail; you can just create a result.

You might think I am wrong in saying those things, but I don’t think I am: if someone loves and appreciates you, they will not reject you whatever you do. If you refuse to feel ridiculous no one can ridicule you (and those who try only do it because they have not had the guts to try new things and they are envious). And failing? How many attempts on making a light bulb do you think Edison made before it worked? Would you say he failed on those attempts? Of course not; he created a result!

How to make your life better and more fearless
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Override your fears

When you have questioned your reaction and you find that it is just a fearbased and automatic thought; move beyond the fear, do what you want to do anyway. When you have done this you will find that it gets easier and easier with every time, and you grow and expand spiritually. You also find that many of your fears were completely irrational.

“Fear can be good when you’re walking past an alley at night or when you need to check the locks on your doors before you go to bed, but it’s not good when you have a goal and you’re fearful of obstacles. We often get trapped by our fears, but anyone who has had success has failed before.

― Queen Latifah

I have taken small steps past my own limitations for some time now, and the steps get longer and longer as I learn to master my fears. Just asking questions and revealing that I need help and don’t know everything on my own has been such a scary thing for me. I guess it comes from others making me feel stupid when I was little and asked too many questions. Thinking back I get a sneaky suspicion they did that because they couldn’t answer all my questions….

Don’t let fears hold you back, let your light shine and do the world a favour; show up and do your best!

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8 thoughts on “How to make your life better and more fearless”

    1. Thanks Ibrahim, I’ll do that. Stepping outside the box and doing things even if you are scared is a great way to overcome your fears.

  1. This is totally true , I would agree with each word you have said . For my entire life I had the fear of people”s opinion . It prevented me from doing a lot of things until I discovered lately that envy and negativity can come in a friendly opinion . Since I started to diffrentiate between negative feedback and positive ones I felt much better . Now I am controlling my life much better .Thank you for the important post , I have shared it to my g + account .

    1. Hi Lamia! I’m so happy to read that you have overcome your fear! It is so liberating when we do that, and I know how good it feels when you break the chain and set yourself free. What other people might think should never have any impact on how we live our lives, as long as we do not hurt anyone else.
      Thanks for your comment and for sharing the post!
      Namaste, Kristina

  2. I think this is really a great subject to talk about. I think everyone is afraid of something or we wouldn’t be human. But dealing with that fear head on will give you the confidence to overcome other fears you might have. My father suffers from generalized anxiety, So being around people is a real problem for him and It’s sad because he’s missing out on so much. He’s trying to deal with it without having to take those addictive medications. I think he can do it.

    1. Hi Jazmin, thanks for your comment!
      You are right, we are all afraid of different things 🙂 and as you say; we need to deal with the fear to overcome it. If we don’t we limit ourselves more and more and that is so sad.
      I wish your father all the best and hope he will be able to overcome his fears. I know he will be so happy when he does, and so will you and the rest of your family. 🙂
      All the best,

    1. Hi Ron! Thanks, that is a really good way to put it, they really do confront us if we let them.
      Namaste, Kristina

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