Is there a New Age Agenda?

Is there a New Age agenda?
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When entering this simple phrase, “Is There a New Age Agenda?” in a Google search I got some extremely strange answers. To some groups, it seems, New Age ideas are unbeleivably scary and signs of devil worship! I was truly shocked to see this, it is definitely not something I can recognize. There was warnings of a New World Order, where a disciple of Satan will take the reins and all Christians are going to be killed for their beliefs! I feel that these fallacies are very hurtful to me and to all the loving people I have met within New Age groups.

In my mind the New Age agenda (if there is such a thing) is spreading world peace and understanding, and nothing else.

Is there a New Age agenda?
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To me these notions of evil are absolutely incomprehensible, for several reasons:

  1. New Age is really not the correct name for this ‘movement’, since a lot of the ideas are older than many of the major religions.
  2. There is no real leaders in the New Age movement as far as I know, and no one is trying to tell anyone else they have to do anything other than be loving and peaceful.
  3. There is no set direction in New Age, everyone chooses his or her own ideas and beliefs.
  4. There is references to Heaven’s Gate and other extremist groups in these doomsday warnings, as if they are typical utterings of New Age beliefs, and that to me is just sad. Considering how many atrocities that have been commited in the name of many a peaceful deity from the major religions I find it sad that they try to vilify a peaceful and inclusive movement with such strange examples.
  5. Of all the things I have found in the New Age movement, and I have studied MANY books and listened to MANY of the greatest speakers in this genre, one thing is more evident than anything else: they talk about peace and understanding.

New Age as I understand it

Is there a New Age agenda?
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To me the New Age movement does not deny or ban any religion, on the contrary; it encompasses them all, and takes on many of the good parts of all religions. All the great motivational speakers underline the goodness and the similarities between all religions, and many of them are very religious, but they do not shun those who are not.

I cannot help but feel that those who are so dogmatic that they accuse others of being Satan’s desciples, should do a lot of soul searching. What are they really afraid of? The spreading of unconditional love and understanding?

All the books I have read and all the great teachers I have listened to have taught love; love for oneself and love for others. I have not found a single book or teacher in the New Age movement proclaiming that one or the other religion is better than the rest, or that religions should be avoided. On the contrary: most of the great teachers are religious in one way or the other. All religions are good if you use them for good, but as with everything else; it all depends on how you choose to interpret things.

My conclusion

Is there a New Age agenda?
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I think that those who feel threatened by the New Age movement and accuse it of being sinful and evil suffer from that old problem: fear of the unknown. Unfortunately there is not much one can do about it, other than hope they will realize that there is no evil intentions there. I of course realize there is differences between different New Age groups, just as there is differences between the groups in the major religions. Unfortunately it does not seem to have much to do with the belief systems themselves, it has to do with group leaders who feel threatened when people do not follow the dogmas they teach.

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2 thoughts on “Is there a New Age Agenda?”

  1. Hi, You aren’t dangerous in new age groups, are you? Will you be popping round my house with a shotgun? I’ve never seen a new age terrorist group yet. If I may tease you slightly, I must say you may be ever so slightly bonkers (UK slang term for a bit odd). That’s only for one reason though – All humans are ever so slightly bonkers! Trust me, I am an expert. Apply this view to everyone and see if it ain’t true.

    I’m a Christian and always say that new age ideologies pre-date Biblical one’s. I’m not saying you are correct in all things because of that, waving stone around is probably no more effective than waving a magic wand or a annointing incense thingy. You’re obviously aware of the ‘New Age’ history – it’s older than our modern views of God. But the old Gods are just as dead as ever. A dead deity is a dead deity after all, and it’s jolly hard to ressurrect a dead deity just by wishful thinking by anyone millenia later. That’s what many folk believe the new spiritual movements such as yours are about. See, they are ever so slightly bonkers, too.

    I comment on analyse Intelligent Design Theory as it seems to over-ride all religions but indicates that we are created beings. The Intelligent Design Theory crew are also getting a pasting from peers and academics because they are being truly threatened by the new discoveries – it seems we don’t come from apes after all! Besides, apes ain’t ever so slightly bonkers like humans – they’ve got it all sussed and have a breather in the forests.

    Add any ideology that drives life and peace to any group, including the New Age movement and you are not ever going to be far from the mark. You aren’t anti-Christs, you probably agree with some of what He said, specially the LOVE EACH bits. they are common and any religious person who feels they have the right to condemn these values is simply a moron.

    You are correct in what you say about them feeling threatened. You are picking up the peaceful that the churches are losing in truck loads.

    Chin up – as we say in the UK – and remember a smile a day keep you happy at least.

    Thanks – Andre Kish – the ever so slightly bonkers – just like you.

    1. Hi Andre, I just love your comment! I grew up in a Christian family but there was no real pressure to go the same way. To me it is important to know that religion needs spirituality but spirituality does not need religion. And yes; I’m definitely slightly bonkers, just ask my friends 😉
      I will not pop round your house with a shotgun, I might send a curse or two if you misbehave though (just kidding, I let karma take care of things like that 😉 😀 )
      I believe there is a God, although I prefer talking about source (or The Dude 😉 ), and we are all a part of this source. It is not something separate. Love and the attitude of gratitude is something that I work on every day, and I also make it a habit to send love and light to negative situations.
      I don’t believe there is a difference between the ‘old’ deities and the Christian one and I definitely believe that Jesus walked on earth and was a powerful healer and spiritual man, and if you read his words he said that all that he did we can do too. I read about many religions and I study A Course In Miracles when I have the time but I refuse to follow dogmas.

      It’s funny when you start to learn more about all the different belief systems and see that modern science is now beginning to prove what the old medicine-men and shamans have talked about for such a long time, like the chakra system; they have now figured out that the main chakras are placed exactly over nerve bundles (I’m Swedish, I don’t remember the word for it 😉 ). So many of the old beliefs now prove to be founded in measurable facts. Thousands of years ago they already new in India that we are all made up of vibrating energy, but we Westerners are so arrogant that we cannot take it on face value what others have known for so long.

      Ooops, I am ranting again, this is something that I love to talk about 🙂 Looking forward to more discussions with you!

      Namaste, Kristina

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