Learning How To Grow Spiritually

Learning how to grow spirituallyAt some point in life, most of us start to feel like we need something more. We want to now if there is more to life than we have experienced already. To me, that is a sign that we want to know how to grow spiritually. Not doing something about that when the time comes can, in my opinion, lead to a stale, stagnated and hardened spirit.

So what do we do about it? 

Well, immersing oneself in more and more work does not seem to do the trick, even if that is what quite a few people try when the spirit is calling. For me, searching for something to believe in has been a longterm quest, and I finally found that the most logical thing for me is to believe that we are all connected. I came to that conclusion by reading and meditating and trying to put the piesces together. I also spend a lot of time in nature, and that really makes for a connection, especially when I try to stay focused in the now.

Nature is the greatest teacher!

When you study nature, you really see the Universe at its best. We can never create anything Learning how to grow spirituallythat is more beautiful than what nature creates. And nothing we build or create, and take such pride in, will stay the same. Nature will always reclaim it, and to me that is really reassuring. That means that even if we do our best to pollute and destroy and whatever else we do wrong here on earth, Mother Nature puts her loving hand over the wounds we create and heals them, just like she heals us and gives us beauty to experience every day of our lives, if only we choose to see it.


9 thoughts on “Learning How To Grow Spiritually”

  1. A few great and insightful pieces of advice. I agree that too often we immerse ourselves in too much work when what we really need is a bit of space and something to connect to. And nature is a great and inspirational place to connect with, and if you look close enough you don’t have to go far to find it.

  2. Hi, Kristina

    Your website is terrific! As a workaholic, I need to be reminded to stop and smell the roses, so I thank you for that.

    Looking forward to more from you. I hope your planning a newsletter so I can get notices about things you discover.

    Blessings, Ansley

    1. Thanks a million! I have not thought of starting a newsletter but that is a terrific idea! I really don’t know how to do that but I hope it will show up in the training. This is so much fun and I think I might become a workaholic too since I can’t stop myself from working on this website and going through more and more aof the training sessions! I’m planning to post new books and write reviews on the books I read, so a newsletter is perfect. Bless you, Kristina

    1. Thanks! That really makes me happy, sometimes it feels like people think I’m a freak for having these interests 🙂

  3. When I immerse myself in nature I feel like I’m in the soul of the universe. The best place to meditate! If your a freak, I must be very freaky! But hey, isn’t it great! Love and light

      1. We are all very unique, it’s just that some us like to go the way our soul feels most comfortable and if it doesn’t totally follow social norms, others my think we’re strange. Love and light to you Kristina

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