The Secret – by Rhonda Byrne

Learning The Secret To Feeling GoodA few years ago I was having a rough period. No job, single, no money and a very low self esteem. After watching Oprah and hearing her talk about this book, The Secret, I got it and read it. Now I know, it is a bit silly at times and some of the stuff in it is a bit out there but if you pick the parts you like which in my case is most of it, it is a feel good book if I ever read one. In many cases I think we should look at our pets and try to be a little like them, not worry and fuss over everything and nothing. If it happened before, you can’t change it and if it hasn’t happened yet, why worry until it does? The only thing we have is now.

Why so serious?

I do think that personal growth is a serious thing, but I also think we have to be able to laugh about it and have fun with it. That is why I have to make this book the first of my recommendations. It is an easy-read favourite that I use when I’m feeling down and need a quick way to raise my mood. If you are looking for something more scientific and deep, this is not the book for you, but if you are a beginner at this or you just want something nice and positive to read, it is perfect.

To me it is  really The Secret to feeling good over and over again. I just pick it up and randomly open it and almost always what I happen to read is what I needed right then. This doesn’t just make me feel better, it also helps me to feel connected to source and that in an of itself gets me back in the flow. Brilliant isn’t it?

Meet the inspirators and avatars

In The Secret you will get a first glimpse of many of the great inspirators that you might want to know more about when you get farther into the world of personal growth. They share their inspiring ideas and thoughts in an easily understandable way and the things they say might come as a surprise and the advice they give really works!

I highly recommend this books to beginners on the spiritual journey, and you can find the book here:

The SecretTitle: The Secret
Author: Rhonda Byrne

NEW $26.83
Used copy may be available



2 thoughts on “The Secret – by Rhonda Byrne”

  1. Hey, Kristina

    Great post on feeling good. I’m a big fan of the secret law of attraction and I believe that whatever happens to us whether it’s good or bad, we attract in to our lives through our own thoughts.

    Yes, I agree that personal growth is serious and that we should have fun with it too. I think being serious all the time would turn us in to boring people, where as fun people are genuinely happy and tend to make lots of new friends 🙂


    1. Hi Neil, thanks! I’m a big fan of the Law of Attraction too, and I agree, we bring so much that we are not aware of into our lives just by how we behave and think.
      Personal growth is so important and just like you say having fun with it is the best way. To me it seems like the more we grow the less serious we are because we do not take ourselves so seriously.
      Regards, Kristina

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