Live long and laugh!

Live long and laugh
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Have you ever heard the phrase: laughter is the best medicine?  Do you think about what it means?  Neither did I, until I started learning about the power of positive thinking.  With that I found out that there is tons of reasons why we should do our best to laugh as much as possible; it is not just fun, it helps us live longer, happier and healthier lives!  It also makes us look a lot younger and more attractive too, so if you want to catch that special someone, you’d  better wear a smile!

Get happier!

Laughing improves our lives in so many different ways.  It helps fight depression, improves our physical health and makes us more popular and social.  Why?  Well, laughing of course elevates our moods and it raises the levels of serotonin in our system.  Serotonin is the “happy-hormone”, it has a strong effect on our mood, emotions, memory, cravings (especially for carbohydrates), self esteem, pain tolerance, sleep habits, appetite, digestion and body temperature regulation. That is just a sample of all the good it does. According to research from University of Maryland School of Medicine it also prevents strokes and heart attacks. They are not quite sure why, but they know it works.

Laughing is contagious; just try not to laugh when you watch this: A really good belly laugh must be the best workout ever!

Laugh like a baby

Live longer and laugh
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A child laughs or smiles on average about 400 times per day, while an adult only laughs or smiles about 15 times per day.  Imagine how fit you would be if you could laugh like a child! The odd thing is, that the brain doesn’t know if you are laughing for real or if you are faking it, you get the same effect anyway.  If you start fake-laughing you will probably begin to laugh for real after just a few moments, because laughing just makes you feel good.

Having a good laugh reduces your stress levels and it also helps you avoide getting all those irritating colds and other infections.  Laughing improves communication between the two hemispheres of the brain.  Your blood pressure is normalized and the levels of stress hormones go down.

Live longer

People who have a sence of humour live longer and suffer less from depression than those who don’t.  A scence of humour can be compared to the shock-absorbers on a car; if you can laugh at the bumps in the road through life, you will have a nicer ride.  You will probably also be smarter, as learning and solving problems is a lot easier when you are having fun.

Now aren’t all these positive effects worth watching some sit-coms or reading a comic?  Or maybe you like comical books?  Whatever you prefer, make sure to laugh at least 15 minutes per day and you will see a big difference.

Actually, all this is not news to us; it is even mentioned in the Old Testament advising laughter is as good as medicine.

There is one disclaimer though; mean laughter and jeering have the opposite effect; when someone does that, there is tension in the body system and it is not healthy for themswelves or the person being ridiculed.

Do you have a funny story you would like to share?  Or a question? Please feel free to use the comments section below!

Cheers, Kristina

24 thoughts on “Live long and laugh!”

  1. Hi there. Very good article you have here. We don’t laugh as much as we should, so I agree with you here. I liked the YouTube video a lot. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Muriel and thanks! Youtube is an excellent source of things to laugh at, and we should all laugh a lot more 🙂
      Cheers, Kristina

  2. Hi Kristina,
    Thanks for the reminder. Laughter is definitely the best way to get rid of stress. I totally agree with you that we will live longer if we laugh more.


  3. Very good information, laughter is very good for you and I love the video. Wonder if the guy in the black jacket ever laughed? Its definitely contagious! Sometimes I watch Youtube videos at time just to enjoy and laugh by myself. Shirley

    1. Hi Shirley! I actually wondered that too, maybe he had a hearing loss? I go to Youtube too and have a laugh, it’s really great when you are feeling down or just feel like laughing. Regards, Kristina

    1. Hi Peter! Having fun and laughing with friends is so great and gives you energy for days afterwards, just thinking about it. Thanks for reading! Cheers, Kristina

  4. Reading this really reminded me that I need to laugh more. I have younger kids, so I do see some funny stuff on a daily basis, but it still doesn’t seem like enough. Thank you for the reminder! Keep up the awesomeness!

    🙂 Katrina

    1. Thank you Katrina! Having kids is a real treasure when you want to see and hear funny things. I just told my daughter I want grandkids to play and laugh with. She gave me a funny look, don’t know what that was all about 😉 Laughing is more important than we know!
      Regards, Kristina

    1. Thanks Maria! I’m trying to put some books up too and I really read as much as I can, but the books in this category takes a lot of digesting. New one coming up soon though!

  5. Oh my God…it really works!! I couldn`t stop laughing with the video. Sure enough laughing helps our mental , emotional and physical health. Thank God it is contagious. Those people in the video had a great time. …lots of endorphines were released. Great post.

    1. Hahaha, that is just wonderful! Thanks Hilda! It really is contagious and going to youtube to check out some clips is a great way to get some good laughs. Cheers, Kristina

  6. Laughter is really one of the best medicine that we ever possess and the proof is here in your great article! Thank you so much for this, it also raises one’s awareness to read the many benefits of laughter.

    1. Hi Bernie and thanks! You can never laugh too much, it is really a great medicine and a perfect way to raise your energy level. Have a great day laughing! Kristina

  7. I love to laugh! I love this article. It is all very true and very informative. Nice looking site, great pictures and including a video is a great idea!
    I know a group of ladies that get together every 2 weeks and they have coffee and just laugh. It’s the whole purpose of the group. Laughing. They love it and it makes them feel better


  8. This is a great article! Laughter is indeed medicine for our bodies and souls. A sense of humor certainly keeps a relationship healthier 🙂 Great site, you got – bookmarked!

  9. The wisdom of laughing! We do not think enough about it. Thanks for this very clear and informative article, you have reminded us how important it is to keep our laughing attitude.

    1. Hi Philippe! Isn’t it lovely that we can improve our health and have fun at the same time? And it is free! Cheers, Kristina

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