New Age Religion?

New Age Religion?I have been wondering for a long time why we talk about New Age Religion when what we are referring to is actually very often a compilation of very old thoughts and beliefs. Mostly a whole lot older than the main religions that we consider to be ‘established’.

There is a lot in the New Age movement that is borrowed from those religions but those things are mainly thoughts from the very beginning of them. Thoughts that have not been spun by later profets to fit into their plans and what they wanted out of it.

What did Jesus say?

If I’m correctly informed Jesus never said anything about ever hating or killing another human being or that women should be quiet and not have thoughts of their own. What he said was: love everyone, be kind to everyone and do your very best to be a good person. He also said that whatever he could do everyone else could do if they really tried and wanted and believed.

I know it might sound like I dislike Christianity, New Age religion?but nothing could be farther from the truth, I love the core of the faith wholehartedly, I just have some problems with some of the ground crew. I cannot stand those so called Christians who threaten with brimstone and hellfire if you don’t follow their dogmatic beliefs. I think that they are totally influenced by how other people than Christ have interpreted the teaching.

What about the other religions?

As far as I know, and I have actually studied this quite a bit since I’m very  interested in it, all the big religions are very kind and peaceful if you go to theire roots. It is only after some profets of one kind or another have gotten their hands on the thoughts and spun them that you find the ideas that non-believers have to be killed and that their is only one way to get to heaven and all that other stuff.

Is it religion?

I actually would not call New Age a religion. I think of it more as a kind of approach to life and the world around us. A way of being, as a small part in the huge Universe. When you approach life with awe and try to do as little harm as possible and try to be a positive influence, accepting of others as much as you can. That, to me, is New Age.

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Namaste, Kristina

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