Nutrition for body and soul

Nutrition for body and soul
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Did you know that malnutrition can cause depression, anxiety, sadness and in really serious cases; hallucinations or schizophrenia? Did you also know that the number of nutrients in conventionally grown food has decreased severely in the last hundred years? This is why nutrition for body and soul is so important. We need to start learning what to eat to stay healthy, not only physically but mentally and spiritually too! We also need to start working together to stop the food manufacturers from destroying the soil on Earth even more.

What happened?

During the twentieth century, food has gone from being produced on small farms to industrial production on gigantic fields. On the small farms the farmers practiced crop rotation, which meant that they changed the crops in their fields every year in a three  to four year cycle. They also allowed the fields to rest for a year now and then in order that the soil could regain its nutrients. This rotation plan helps the plants as it brings the  level of soil-borne pests and diseases down to a harmless level. They also used natural fertilisers such as manure and in some areas seaweed. The small fields had less problems with pests and diseases and did not need a bunch of pesticides, because their crops could fight them off on their own. Organic farming today uses this method.

Nutrition for body and soul
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The huge fields filled with only one type of crops are a lot more susceptible to contamination. When the production became industrialised, it was easier to have huge fields with the same crops year after year and use artificial fertilisers and pesticides. The artificial fertilisers contain very few of the nutrients that plants and we as consumers need. For example  they only contain three or four minerals, and humans need at least sixteen. This has led to crops being more susceptible to diseases and pests leading to the solution being pesticides.

The BIG problem

Since the artificial fertilisers are so poor in nutrition the soil gets depleted, the plants get weak and produce crops that have very little nutrition. When we eat this produce our bodies do not feel that they are getting what we need so we want to eat more. We often fill up on food that contain too much sugar and bad fats but not much of anything else. Due to the lack of nutrients in our food, we get tired, become overweight, depressed etc. This is not the only problem.

Food for body and soul
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Those who advocate for food production with artificial fertilisers and pesticides often say that their fields yield bigger harvests and this might be true. But considering that the harvests they produce are a lot less nutritious it means that we have to grow more and more to get less and less nutritious food.

The other BIG problem

The use of pesticides is, according to those who want to sell it, no problem. Quite often they claim that these pesticides either do not transfer to our bodies or that they are below harmfull levels. Although some of this may be true and the levels for a single substance might be below harmful levels, there have been no studies performed to check what happens when we make a cocktail of these substances! Manufacturers use horrible mixtures with lots and lots of different poisonous substances! In Sweden, where I live, the farmers are actually prohibited from using the worst pesticides. Still, for example, the strawberries we buy can have traces of fourty four different substances which are all harmful, but considered safe individually.

Big problem no. three

Nutrition for body and soul
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This is a big one. Our biggest help in growing fruits and vegetables are bees. By using these enormous amounts of pesticides we are killing them, and without them we will get into real trouble. Scientists are saying that the worst offenders when it comes to killing off the bees are a type of pesticides called nicotinoides. They make the insects guts explode. Not a nice death!

By killing the bees and other insects we are also killing the birds. Research shows that there will be a decrease in our bird populations by about thirty percent within ten years. Don’t you think this will go all the way up the food chain?


By buying organic food we not only increase the number of nutrients we ingest, we also support the organic farmers which leads to lower prices. The fact that organic food has more nutrients means we do not have to eat as much to get what we need,  therefore we will not be forced to eat too much sugar and bad fats which often accompanies the few nutrients we get from non-organic food. This not only leads to us being more satisfied and healthy physically, it will also decrease the number of people with mental health disorders, how great would that be?

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Blessings, Kristina

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