Taoism Basic Beliefs

Taoism Basic BeliefsThe Tao (or Dao, if you will) and the taoism basic beliefs is not easy to describe. It is an ancient, mystic faith in something that cannot be named and that exists in everything. Tao is the greatest force, from which everything comes, the darkness that gives birth to the light, and so great it cannot be described. Taoists do not talk about God when they mean the Absolut Truth or the infinite, because that would limit it.

Understanding Taoism

As said, the Absolut True cannot be described, but it can be experienced within, through meditation and contemplation that liberates the sences from disturbances. The feeling of being a part of everything helps freeing a person from the limitations of language, as words, definitions and categories is seen as some of what truly limits our life.

My reflections

I do agree in many ways with the parts of taoism I feel that I have grasped. For example; saying the word forest gives a mental picture of a bunch of trees, but that is a very limited part of what a forest actually is! There is sooo much more to a forest than just trees; you have animals, insects, flowers, worms, bushes etc so limiting it to a bunch of trees is a bit unfair, don’t you think?

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