Recharge in nature

Recharge in nature When you are stressed out and need to recharge, there is nothing like going out and spending time in nature!  There is no cost, you get fresh air, and as long as you respect nature and don’t take unnecessary risks you have everything to gain. The therapeutic effect of spending time in nature has been proven to work wonders with mild depressions and other problems. In some countries doctors can actually prescribe walks instead of medication!  Nature gives you the chance to exercise and feel better spiritually at the same time.  Fresh air and exercise also helps you sleep better, makes it easier to concentrate and many, many other good things.


Recharge in natureIf you only plan to take a long walk or something like that, you don’t need anything other than a good pair of shoes.  Well, you may need some other garments too, or people you meet might think you are a bit odd, but you will not need too much stuff.   Just wear something comfortable and weather appropriate and you will be fine.

Bringing a light picknick or just some coffee is also a nice way to experience nature.  Don’t forget to bring something to sit on and don’t leave trash in nature!

What to do?

You don’t have to do anything, just walk, listen and look around you for the beauty that is nature.  It is very nice to meditate, sitting on a rock or leaning against a tree or something like that.  Meditating in nature is like nothing else.  It is wonderful to just sit and listen to the wind and the birds, the rustling of leaves or waves splashing against the shore, it really makes meditating a lot easier.  You can also meditate while you are walking, by counting your steps as you focus on your breath.

If you need a mission

Recharge in natureI know though, that some people have a problem with just being in the moment and they need a plan or at least they need to know they have a ‘mission’.  If meditation doesn’t satisfy that need, then bring a camera!  Taking pictures and thereby saving the experience for a rainy day is a lot of fun.  I actually also have another thing I do that might not be that fun, but it gives me a sence of purpose; I pick up thrash other people have left behind.  I don’t do this every time, but now and then.  Picking up after others also gives me a lesson in patience and forgiveness. It used to make me very irritated that people would leave all that stuff behind, but I have learnt to think that they don’t know any better and when they learn, they will stop littering.

What I do in nature

Recharge in natureI have the fantastic advantage of having the forest litterally within 100 meters from my house!  In our forest we can pick berries of several varieties and also a lot of different mushrooms.  I  have a dog and a horse who love our walks in the forest.  I also go jogging in the forest which is not exactly that restful but it is definitely a lot nicer than a treadmill!

Lately I have started gathering herbs and leaves of different types, to use as tea or for making ointments, schampoo or stuff like that.  It may sound a bit complicated but it really isn’t!  You can find a lot of information on what plants are good to use on the Internet, and it is really satisfying when you can make a nice cup of tea from things you have gathered on your own.Recharge-in-Nature





Do you have any favourite things you like to do in nature? Please comment or ask questions in the comments section below!

Blessings, Kristina

4 thoughts on “Recharge in nature”

  1. I love taking time out from work just to walk around a lake we have next to our house. It is very refreshing as you said just listening to the sounds of nature. We have some ducks that I feed, and I just watch them waddle along. I feel so refreshed when I do this, and I do it about three times a day. Thank you for your insightful imformation.

    1. Hi Craig! Being outside and taking time for oneself in nature is the best. I’m out there every day, come rain or shine, and it’s always refreshing. Blessings, Kristina

  2. Absolutely agree – spending time in nature, getting grounded and in touch with the earth’s energy is one of my fave things to do. I’m lucky to have a beautiful dog who just loves his walks, so I get out and about quite a lot with him. We love to run through the sprinklers that are all over Dubai Motor City. Great fun as it’s so darned hot here.

    1. LOL, I would pay to see you running through the sprinklers, but I understand why you like it! Here it is not that hot, but when I’m in the forest I get this urge to walk barefoot, it is just lovely and makes it so easy to feel grounded. My dog loves his walks too, so he is a great excuse when I want to break away from the computer. And those doggies give us lots of lovely laughs don’t they?
      Namaste, Kristina

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