Spiritual books for children

Spiritual books for childrenI really wish these books had been available in Swedish when my kids were small! Spiritual books for children, written by such wonderful authors as Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue just for starters, would have been wonderful.

The older I get,  the more I realize how important it is for the future of our world to teach our children about how to coexist with people from other cultures, peacefully and with respect for differences.  Respect for nature and taking care of the earth is also something we need to teach them at an early age, so everything that can be used to give our children an understanding for our place in this beautiful system that is the Universe is vital in countless ways.

I can therefore not imagine anything better than sitting with my future grandchildren, reading to them and explaining the big questions with the help of these wonderful teachers and avatars. Children should be taught  how to be the best they can be from the start, and who could be better to help teach them?

Why not tell me what you think?  I love to hear what you have to say!  Please use the comments section below.

Namaste, Kristina


4 thoughts on “Spiritual books for children”

  1. I have bought almost all these beautiful books from the wonderful Hay House Authors who I have followed for years. I totally love reading them to my grandchildren & hoping they give them the encouragement that is so needed in today’s world!!!

    1. Hi Monica! i am so happy to hear that! These authors are such wonderful and encouraging teachers and I adore theme and think what they do is so important.
      Love and light always, Kristina

  2. This site is about spirit and mind, so nice place for escaping to from everyday life. I like to read the lines above, about teaching children. I am trying to connect it also to what you say about yourself in ‘About Kristina’. You are a wonderful spiritual person. Jovo

    1. Thank you Jovo, how sweet of you to say that! Yes, I think it is so important to instil good and loving values in our children, since they are the future for mankind and so far what we have been doing does not seem to work too well with all the wars and all the cruelty int the world. Looking at history those who have been peaceful, like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, have been able to accomplish more in shorter time than those who have waged war and caused unspeakable suffering, so lets work for peace and understanding!
      Namaste, Kristina

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