Stepping outside the box


Stepping outside the box
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Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush of stepping outside the box?   The fear, the anticipation and the somewhat lost feeling when you have no idea what is going to happen?  It is in many
ways very scary, but when things go well, there is nothing like it!


Doing something you have never done before is the best way to test your limits and learn new things.  When you stay in the box you might feel safe and it may be the most comfortable place to be, but it is also boring in the long run and it keeps you down.  Whenever you want to learn, grow or get to a different position in life, you have to take a leap of faith, otherwise you will be stuck in the same place forever.  Nothing ever happens until someone does something!


The way to accomplish new things is to practise.  Taking little steps every day doing something new makes big steps easier.  It is of course nice to have, for example, a steady job, but if the steady job isn’t what you really love to do and you are not feeling satisfied with what you are doing, it is better to apply for a new position, even if it is intimidating.  If resigning from the dull job is too scary, why not practise by taking a leave of abscence?

Don’t let others stop you

Stepping outside the box
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Many times when we want to do something new we have well intended relatives or friends who try to warn us not to do it.  They tell us that we shouldn’t because it will go wrong, that we will go bankrupt or whatever reasons they come up with. This mostly has nothing to do with us!  They think they are protective of us, but generally it has more to do with their own fears, them not wanting us to change or grow for fear we might surpass them.  In their subconscious minds they don’t want you to rock the boat!  If you do something someone didn’t have the guts to do, they are lost and feel like they might also have to do something new to keep the balance in your relationship, and therefore, keeping you in place is much easier.

Stay away from negative people

Those who are most inclined to tell you that you can’t do something by some peculiar rationale are those who should be your greatest supporters, namely family members.  For some reason rocking the boat within the family is very frightening.  The easiest way to keep this problem out of bounds is to conceal what you are doing or planning to do.  I am aware of how sneaky this sounds, but I also know many things I tried to do have been shot down by family members.  Now I just do my thing and inform later, that works better for me.  It is sad to have to do things this way, but when you are being told time and time again that what you want to do will fail, you lose faith in yourself which makes you fail needlessly.

Small steps

If you have something you really want to do, like running a race, learning something new or getting a new job, doing research and finding out what you need to do makes it easier.  If you are like me, you want to know what to expect, but still, you will never know the feeling until you actually try it.  I hated not being able to do things perfectly straight away because I felt silly when I couldn’t.  Not being able to do things perfectly stopped me from doing so many things I wanted to do, and isn’t that just sad?  If you have not done something before, of course you can’t do it perfectly!  So now, when I want to do something, I first try to find out as much as I possibly can and then I just do it! I love the feeling when I succeed, and nowadays I no longer fear failing as much, because even if you fail you have learnt something.

Big steps

There are of course situations where you cannot practice, for example if you are in a bad relationship.  A bad marriage or other type of toxic relationship is not something that you can leave in small steps, but getting out might be the only way to remain a happy person.  I know from personal experience how hard it is to get out and how scary it is, but I also know how wonderful it feels when you make it on your own.  It is the biggest high!

This blog

Stepping outside the box
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I didn’t tell anyone about this blog until I had to, the reason being that I didn’t want to hear it wouldn’t work out and that I couldn’t create it on my own because I wanted it so much.  I don’t mean to say it is already a big success, but I’m proud of it and of myself for building it so far.  I wanted to know that I could actually write this much in English (not my native language) and I wanted to see if I could come up with enough topics to fill my blog and so on.  It has been easier than I could imagine and it is so much fun to come up with new things to write about.  I also learn new things every day from writing and from reading the books I review here so this far I am very happy and proud of it.  To have come this far, I can state I am very happy and so proud of me because I went for what I wanted; I got outside of the box.

Do you have something you want to share concerning this or any of the other posts?  Please feel free to write a comment or ask a question in the comments section!

Blessings, Kristina

12 thoughts on “Stepping outside the box”

  1. For someone who is not a native English speaker, you have learned the language very well. Nice work! I like the positivity and the dedication.

    So often we dream big, but fail to take the necessary action to accomplish anything. I like how you talk about actually practicing and taking steps toward a goal.

    1. Thank you! It is a really great feeling to do something new and to create something that others like and appreciate. Blessings, Kristina

  2. The last few years, I have been learning things outside of my comfort zone in several areas of my life and I’ve learned to love it! It keeps things exciting. Now I look for ares where I am comfortable just to see if I can move out of those comfort zones.

    By the way, I can usually tell when someone’s native language isn’t English but I never would have known that if you hadn’t mentioned it!

    1. Thanks, that makes me so happy! I have had a hard time stepping outside the box from fear of not being able to accomplish something of value, but it is such a liberating feeling and it really helps you grow. Blessings, Kristina

  3. It really is not a comfortable place to be for the simple reason that you don’t know what to expect. But it also makes you more open minded, especially the ones that you have no knowledge.

    And with that comes the learning and more maturity of oneself. Often times I challenge myself to keep my drive and for just not to go lazy about things.

    1. Hi Bernie! No it is not comfortable to do something you have never done before but the feeling when you succeed is incomparable. And even if you fail, you still learn something and that is almost as important. Regards, Kristina

  4. Very inspiring post. I’ve been thinking a lot about how the opinions of others often lead us to stop believing in ourselves. I think it’s because we never know in advance if our new “adventures” will be successful. But I just keep reminding myself that my friends and family cannot predict the future either! Thanks, Denise.

    1. Thank you! Never thought of it as predicting the future, that was a good one! And no, they can’t! Regards, Kristina

  5. Wow! Very inspirational post, and so very true. I tend to stay in my comfort zone too much. You may have just gotten me to jump off the high dive again! Thanks!

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