Surrender and see what happens

Surrender and see what happens
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I have always struggled to get what I want the way I want it and it has always been an uphill battle. Since I started my spiritual journey I have heard over and over again that I should tell the Universe what I want and stop trying to micro manage what needed to happen for me to get to my goal. Just basically surrender and see what happens. This has been even harder for me because I am a bit of a control freak so it has taken me a long time to accept it. The funny thing is that when I manage to let go of the dreaded “hows” things work out pretty well. What I need to get and the twists and turns I need to take just seem to figure themselves out without me doing anything, it’s amazing!

So do you know what you want?
Surrender and see what happens
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Many times we actually don’t even know for sure what it is we really want, and we go around being disappointed by what we get. The funny thing is: we often don’t really want a thing, we want the feeling we believe that thing will give us, and when we look back we realize that we had that feeling all along! Sometimes we find that we were given exactly the right thing but in a different way and we just didn’t see it so we were disappointed because it wasn’t quite as we had planned it and isn’t that just sad?

Figure out the feeling

When you want something; make it a point to figure out what feeling it is that you are looking for and start to feel like you already have it. Why wait? Why not be happy and content anyway? After all; happiness comes from the inside and not from external things. If you get that gadget you think you need to be happy you will almost immediately come up with something else you need to get even happier and that first gadget loses its appeal quite quickly. Especially if you compare it to someone else’s gadget that is even better and shinier. We all need to learn how to be happy without all the gadgets and just be grateful for what we have. If you appreciate all the good stuff in your life, more good stuff will show up, it’s as simple as that.

Be generous

Surrender and see what happensWhen you take a look around on how people live their lives you will find that many a poor person is more generous and share whatever they own a lot more often than those who are really rich.  Generosity towards your fellow man is something that makes the giver at least as happy as the person receiving, if not more. This in and of itself is to me an indicator that happiness is not based in possessions but in feelings, and we can do a lot about how we feel if we work on it. It is in many ways our own choice and we are not victims of our own heads if we don’t chose to be.

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2 thoughts on “Surrender and see what happens”

  1. Hello – it takes many people a whole life-time to begin to understand the ideas and how to apply them that you’ve described here.

    Any inner journey starts the moment you take the first step but a large number of us can’t see the stairway to even realise the steps are there. So, this sound and truly helpful info will sadly be over-looked for a while by many younger people who’s lives are lived at the press of a button.

    It’s just as well there’s folks like you making sure this info is available as each person matures enough to come looking for real spiritual growth, rather than faddy trends in New Age fields.

    But, even in spiritual enlightened phases even the Dalai Lama needs a laptop – shall I try to sell him one? It was an adding machine in it’s previous life so that should just about clinch the deal, eh?

    It all comes down, as you say, to how we approach and appreciate what we have, not what we think we need tomorrow. Living today, today helps, rather than watching the TV tell you want you cannot live without after Christmas.

    Satan’s Claws come with Santa Claus and an angle said: There WILL be peace on earth AMONG MEN OF GOODWILL. We are gonna grind this civilisation into the dust with our selfish demands for tomorrow. We will ultimately bleach the planet as we let ourselves be convinced to “BUY, BUY, BUY – You Know It Makes Sense!”

    That’s why so many live for tomorrow and forget to be happy today. They know what’s coming as a result of human activities and bury their heads in their screens hoping it will all go away.

    These aren’t just words of opinion – they are current observations PLUS predictions for the future from some-one who has a track record of unusual yet accurate predictions, me! I certainly believe ESP is a real phenomena, having direct experience.

    Thanks for a very interesting and stimulating read.


    1. Hi Andre, thanks for your insightful (and funny) comment 🙂 Yeah, we need to unlearn the idea that we always have to consume more and more stuff and learn to appreciate what we have instead. What we want is the feeling and we can start feeling whatever we want to feel with just a little bit of effort and gratitude for what we already have.
      Luckily it seems like there is a spiritual awakening going on so I have high hopes that things will change, but please: sell a laptop to the Dalai Lama! 😉 His ideas need spreading!
      Namaste, Kristina

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