Thank you, Dr. Wayne W Dyer

Thank you, Dr. Wayne W Dyer
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The world seems a bit less bright right now, as we mourn the loss of a great hero and a wonderful human being. Dr. Wayne Dyer was a mentor to so many and his life’s work has touched millions of people all over the world. I have only followed him for a few years since I am still quite new to spirituality, but what he has taught me has changed my life in so many ways. Just watching him giving lectures and interacting with his audiences was incredible; he exuded love, care and joy from every fiber of his being. Reading his books is to me like reading a brilliant, loving smile; I cannot avoid smiling back and his words always lift my spirit when I’m feeling down.

One of the quotes he often used comes from Max Planck and it says: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. This quote has made a big difference in my life and made it so much easier for me to change my feelings about things, since it doesn’t just pertain to material things. The way we look at a situation is just as important, and just as hard or easy to change, depending on our will to change it.

Thank you, Dr. Wayne W Dyer
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Dr. Dyer taught us to always choose love. This was one of his strongest teachings, and it goes hand in hand with changing the way you look at things. When something happens you have two choices; to like it or to dislike it, and doing your best to see the situation with love is always the best thing you can do. I know it isn’t always easy; when someone acts in a rude or abusive way it is very hard to see the situation in a lovingly, but there is always the possibility to back off and not retaliate and that is also loving. When someone is rude you don’t know what has happened to them and the best thing you can do is to send them love and hope they will see the error of their ways and then release the situation. If they don’t get it; that is their karma, your karma is how you react.

If your job is not perfect for you and you hate to go there, why not change the way you look at it? Maybe you can start by being grateful that you have a job and that you get a salary from doing it. Then maybe you can also start to take pride in doing whatever it is you do the best way you can. If you are flipping burgers; why not become a burger flipping champion? If you perceive your work as something really good your feelings for it will change and you will feel happier.

Thank you, Dr. Wayne W Dyer
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The things Wayne Dyer said sometimes sounded so easy and so basic that it took a while to realize that; yes, it sounds easy, but I never thought about it before! The easiest things are sometimes the things we just don’t even consider because they are so obvious. Gratitude, love, consideration for others; these are all things that we know are good for us, but sometimes we need to be reminded and that is just what Dr. Wayne W Dyer did. For that; let’s always be thankful to him.




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