The Grain Brain Cookbook – by David Perlmutter

 There is a lot more to feeling good than just meditating and finding your inner strength; you also need to take good care of your body! With The Grain Brain Cookbook by David Perlmutter you get a lot of great recipes that will help you stay fit and healthy.David Perlmutters earlier book The Grain Brain was an eyeopener concerning the damaging effects that sugar, wheat and carbs have on our brains and bodies. With this new book he gives us the tools to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, depression, insomnia and a whole lot more.

Knowing what we put into our bodies is extremely important, since we have to realize that this is what the body has to work with, and if we eat bad; the body works bad. With The Grain Brain Cookbook you will get lots of new ideas for how to eat well and stay strong.

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2 thoughts on “The Grain Brain Cookbook – by David Perlmutter”

  1. Hi Kristina 
    Love the way your website is going it has been a while since I last visited you site. So first apologies for that as now I can see how much work and effort you have put into making this a great place for people to come and visit and learn what you have to offer here. I will certainly visit more often.
    I just recently started to read about “The Grain Brain Cookbook” and today I was drawn to your website and found you have done a review on the same book.
    The two aspects that drew my attention, is the big problem this world is facing with the sugar craze, as many people just do not realize how serious this can be. Not just on their health that would relate to diet and weight issues, but also how it can affect their bodies and mind as well at an even more serious nature.
    The other part is, although I do not have issues with gluten type foods it is great to know many of the benefits of eating gluten free foods and how it can give to the body in the most beneficial way.
    Certainly, worth trying and when I become more involved in reading this book I will certainly try some gluten free foods and recipes.
    You never know if you never give it a go.
    I am sure this would be a great benefit in many ways regardless of whether you are gluten tolerant or not.
    Thank you so much for the gift of knowledge you have shown on your website. I have been here before a long time ago and certain ly will be paying more visits.

    1. Hi Andre, nice to see you here!
      It’s just been a few years since I started learning more about what our diets do to our bodies and brains and the biggest revelation has been that of cutting out gluten. I’m not gluten intolerant either, at least not as far as the doctors can find, but I feel sooooo much better after cutting it out. It has made me feel physically better in every possible way, and also a lot more clear and focused.
      I have not only stopped eating gluten; I have also added different types of fermented veggies and that is also something I can recommend.
      Of course there is no longer sugar in anything in my house, so I have no sugar spikes and crashes, it’s really good 🙂
      It’s wonderful to share what we learn, and what we put in our bodies is so important, not only for ourselves but for our kids and actually also for the future of Mother Earth; if we eat bad stuff we also spread bad stuff, since we are part of the big system of life on earth.
      Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you here again soon!

      Namaste, Kristina

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