The Lightworkers Way – by Doreen Virtue

The Lightworker's wayThe Lightworker’s Way is a very candid and revealing book about the author’s life from childhood up to adulthood. She tells about her upbringing in the Church of Chirstian Science, the early miracles in her life and how she rebelled against everything her family stood for.

About the author

Doreen Virtue is a New York Time’s bestselling author who holds B.A, M.A and Ph.D degrees in counseling psychology. She is a lifelong clairvoyant and has had several out of body experiences. After a life changing experience where she was saved by angels she decided that she could no longer do her work without talking about the angels and so she began to integrate them in her work and her books.

Doreen Virtue has created many oracle cards and written even more books. Her work has been translated into many different languages and is available all over the world.

About the book

The first part of the book is like short autobiography and in it the author tells about lots of things that she went through, in an attempt to block out the ‘supernatural’ things that were trying to make her start her spiritual journey. She talks openly about her addictions to marijuana and wine and how she was led to stop using them. She also tells about how her mother was a great healer who taught her lots of things about visualization and how working with the world of spirit and angels is as natural as breathing.

The second part of the book contains easy-to-understand descriptions of how one can learn how to perform healings and readings on clients and how to protect oneself from low energy and those who have passed over but still stay around.

My thoughts

I adore this book. I have had some problems with Doreen Virtue before, but after reading this book I have totally changed my mind. It makes her feel like everyone else; a human with faults just like the rest of us. Her humble and inspirational writings in this book makes it easier to see how I can do lightwork too, even though I in no way have lived a ‘perfect’ life. The book makes it okay to have made mistakes and lived an ego based life, as long as you have the sense to realize it and work on changing. I also feel encouraged to cut out some stuff I ingest a bit too often, such as a lot of coffee and maybe a bit too much meat.

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