The Moses Code – by James F. Twyman

The Moses Code - by James F TwymanThe Moses Code by James F. Twyman is an unusual book and I don’t really know what to write about it. It is a way to base the Law of Attraction in parts of the Bible, but at the same time as it is about the Bible it is also in a way non-denominational. You don’t have to believe in the Biblical God to like this book.

About the author

James F. Twyman is a bestselling author and “Peace Troubadour” who has been called upon to spread peace in many a troubled area around the world. He has created prayer circles that have spanned the world with thousands upon thousands of participants. He talks about one of those times in the book, where he, Greg Braden and Doreen Virtue created a prayer circle to calm the situation in Iraq and it is quite fascinating.

About the book

This book is a bit of a conundrum to me since it is supposedly non-denominational, but still very much based in the Old Testament. It is a beautiful and warm book, and if you use the exercises in the book you will find that they are incredibly strong.

The first part of the book is directed towards getting what you think you want in life, like expensive things, houses, cars and money, things that make you happy on the outside. The second part of the book goes deeper and explains why gathering stuff to make you happy will never work and why giving and receiving are the same and the only path towards real happiness and fulfillment. It also explains how working towards inner peace and love for everything and everyone around you will give you the rest of the stuff in the process.

As you go along from the first to the second part of the book, the exercises become more loving and profound but not in any way harder to do.

The language in the book might at times feel a bit declamatory, but maybe that goes with the territory?

My thoughts

I really like this book and I can’t tell why, since I am not a great fan of the Bible. Or rather: I’m not a great fan of religious teachings and rules and I generally have a problem with “the ground crew”, especially if they try to hit me over the head with them. In this case though; I have to admit that what he says makes a lot of sense to me and it doesn’t feel in any way “pushy”. I do believe that we are all one with everything and everyone around us and therefore we can, and do, all create what we want and think about the most.

The Moses Code MeditationsI have coupled the meditations with the
I AM frequency meditations and that makes them incredibly powerful. More powerful than I have ever experienced before, and I truly recommend it. The sounds in those meditations are the very sounds described at the end of the book, so it’s only appropriate.

As a whole, I recommend this book, it is easy to read, interesting, thought provoking and loving.

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2 thoughts on “The Moses Code – by James F. Twyman”

  1. Hello, Kristina.

    ‘the ground crew’ – brilliant! You really made me chuckle – thanks.

    Unexploded Bibles everywhere. Is a term I often use with over zealrous evangelisers. They can be a real pain and totally skew the overall message from the book they wave around.

    I am a Christian, for whatever that matters to anyone, and I think it’s the overall principle we are meant to follow – the same principle that took me to my hosting site. Clearly, also your ethic since this site’s about spirituality and that’s what drove me here.

    Doing to others as you want done to you is the ethic behind all spiritually driven ideologies. I can’t say I’ve read everything you have to say here, but you’ve got my keen interest. I read through your kind free gift and that is very useful to help soothe a rushing mind.

    I think you are correct – we bring most of our troubles upon our own heads and then wonder what’s going down. We humans are a very crazy gang when you take a quiet moment to think about it.

    We are our own worst enemies at times. I will be reading the Moses Code with avid keeness because my fascination lies in the Code of DNA – which seems to point to intelligence behind this. I have heard of many books where people think they’ve found some hidden code in numbers or whatever in the Bible – they aren’t really there.

    The whole code, and nothing but the Code in the Bible as given by all folk, including Moses, was Behave yourselves, you blithering idiots, God’s coming back!

    That’s a cool code that Moses showed he knew.

    Best wished and thanks for the info – couldn’t resist saying that old tripe like some people do.

    Andre Kish – the ever so slightly bonkers but with a good heart.

    1. LOL, you are so funny, thanks for the laughs! I think we really are on the same page spiritually even though we got there from different directions.
      Thanks for your kind words about the free gift and for subscribing, I don’t spam, actually; I hope to get moving with more frequent newsletters 😉

      I totally agree that the overall principle is that we are to do to others what we want done to us, it is so simple! Although if you say it as; love thy neighbor as thy self it becomes a problem! We are often very mentally abusive towards ourselves so if we treat our neighbor like that we might get sued 😉

      Hope you enjoy the book it’s really nice, and don’t forget to try the exercises; they are great!

      Blessings, Kristina Kalman

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