The Sacred 6 – by JB Glossinger

The sacred sixThe Sacred 6 by JB Glossinger, is a book that outlines how we can create a system for getting things done. In it, JB Glossinger talks about the importance of planning and executing our daily tasks in accordance with our missions and values so as to get into alignment and be able to create the lives we are dreaming about.

About the author

JB Glossinger is a coach, motivational speaker student of life, love and happiness. He holds degrees in metaphysics and business but credits the difficulties he has endured for his success. He is a sought after speaker all over the world and has helped countless people with his Morning Coach podcasts that have been downloaded 17 million times over the past seven years.

About the book

This is a very hands-on book with clear instructions on how one can set up a good and easy system for putting life back on track. It does not only outline how to do things; it also gives lots of examples and explanations on why we should do the things the author suggests. One other great thing is the list of tools to use when one is following the program. The tools are low-cost and easy to find and the author shows how to use them in the most beneficial way.

The book is not one of those self-help programs that only tells what to do, it goes much deeper than that; there is a profound sense of love and spirituality in it. One can feel the deep thoughts that have gone into it and that the author actually cares about helping his readers not to have to stumble like he did, before figuring out how to change his life. He focuses a great deal on the importance of actually figuring out one’s mission, a mission that is spiritually important and in deep alignment with personal integrity and not only a way to make money. The idea is, that if one works in alignment with a life mission that feels good and rewarding; success will follow. What success is, is personal, and does not really have to be fame and fortune; it can be a happy home or a wonderful relationship with one’s family or it can be a thriving business, it’s your own choice.

My thoughts

This is a really good book and I will be implementing this system in my life, for sure. There might be a bit of a learning curve but in my opinion it will be worth it. I like the hands-on approach and the easy to follow instructions. To me it’s important to really get to know WHY things should be done, or I will not do them. The book is easy to read and I really recommend it to anyone who feels they need something to help them get back in a better flow, because it helps when one needs to figure out what is important.

If you live outside of the US, you can find the book here.

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