Universal laws – by Jennifer O’Neill

Universal LawsIn Jennifer O’Neills book Universal Laws she describes 18 of the Universal Laws we need to know about to be able to manifest our ideal lives. There has been a strong emphasis on the Law of Attraction and Jennifer wants to change this so that manifesting can be made easier. I really think she is on to something; just sitting down and visualizing isn’t going to work! We at least need to take some action!

About the Author

Jennifer O’Neill is a spiritual teacher, psychic and bestselling author who has devoted her life to helping  people living happier and more fulfilling lives. She has also created a virtual spiritual learning center called “Keys to the Spirit World”.

About the Book

This book contains a lot more of the Universal laws than we usually read or hear about. Most often we hear about the Law of Attraction and nothing more, so it is great to find out that there is a lot more to it than just that specific law. We will not become great manifestors  if we only focus on the Law of Attraction and don’t consider the other laws. In this book the other laws are explained in great detail and there is also ideas on how to “retrain” your brain for easier manifesting. There is also a great explanation on what the Universal Laws are, at the beginning of the book, which I think is very usefull.

My thoughts

I think this book is quite good and the content is very informative. However; the book seems to be made up of a bunch of lists. Numbered lists, bulleted lists and then some other lists.

Not that there is anything wrong with lists, I just don’t think a book should be filled with them.
The information is good and important and if you don’t mind the lists; it is a really good book that I highly recommend.

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