Use the stuff you love

kristallglasSo often we have all of this stuff that we love and cherish and we tuck it away for safe keeping in a safety deposit box or in a cabinet and never use it. We think that we will take it out and use it some other day, but that day almost never comes and the things just stand there. Sometimes we open the cabinet door and get reminded of how much we love our things, and then we close the door again and go on using the things that we feel are more ‘appropriate’ and maybe less delicate or something. The things we love might be expensive or we don’t want to risk damaging them because we inherited them or they were given to us by someone we love, but aren’t they made to be used and admired?

What life teaches us

We can’t take things with us. That is the great lesson. When we don’t use our stuff we never get the chance to enjoy it, so do use your best china and those lovely earrings or your pearl necklace. Get them out of hiding and use them whenever you feel like it. What good are they for you when you don’t? Life changes in an instant and no one is going to thank you for having your cabinets full of stuff you never used. Why only use things you don’t love and never enjoy eating your meals on beautiful plates or drinking from lovely glasses when you can?


Do what makes YOU happy

After having lost some important people in my life I have come to the conclusion that the things I have been hiding and never used from fear that they will break or I might lose them will now be coming out of hiding. I am going to celebrate my friends by enjoying beauty and comfort and sending them love when I have my meals on my best china and drink from my favorite glass or cup. Losing people makes one rethink everything and redefine what is really important, and happiness here and now is truly the most crucial part of life.

The other side of this

Get rid of what you don’t like! We all have things we are keeping because we think we should. We dust them and we look at them with a sigh and think we should do something with them but we never get around to it. IF YOU DON’T LOVE THEM, GIVE THEM AWAY OR SELL THEM! We don’t need to keep things we don’t use or love, they only weigh us down. Getting rid of the stuff don’t just lift our spirits and the feeling we have for our home, they can actually improve our finances too and isn’t that a lovely thought?

ringsOnly keep what you love and like to use, and then use those things. Let someone else take over the other things, because they might cherish what you don’t. This is how energies flow and it will give you a better, more beautiful and fulfilling life.

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