We are all in this together

We are all in this together
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I have seen it many times, and I bet you have too; even the worst of enemies become friends, or at least friendlier, and work together very well if they have to! This is because we are all in this together and no man is an island! The notion that a person is strongest when he or she is alone is just some sort of fantasy, because in all research it has been shown time and time again that we need each other.

Lonesome ‘hero’

It is strange to me that this myth of the lonesome hero prevails and even grows stronger when it is so obvious that it is just nonsense. I guess it must be because of all the movies with that false rendition of reality. We all need help and we all need companionship so this idea of the strong loner just seems silly and those who buy into it just seem afraid to ask for help.

We are all in this together
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To me it is sad that these stories are repeated over and over again, when the real deal is so much better. Working together is not only more productive; it’s also a lot more fun and makes even the dullest chore more enjoyable.

We need to be touched

Not only do we need each other to have a more fun and rewarding life; we also need to be touched or we will become ill! It has been proven that our health is affected if we do not get hugs or caresses of some sort. Our bodies hunger for touch! It is absolutely essential for us to interact with others and have some sort of exchange of energy. If we can’t interact with other humans, we can have some sort of pet but we need another living being around.

We are all in this together
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This to me is yet another piece of evidence that shows how we are all energy beings and we need to exchange energy with others, be it humans or animals. The fact that we can have that loving interaction with animals is very interesting and makes me even more convinced we have to learn to take care of animals better and stop killing and mistreating them.

Strange scientists!

For some reason many people have chosen to deny the evidence that is all around us that shows how much we need each other. Many of these people are unfortunately scientists and I can for the life of me not understand how they are thinking. As someone who is not a scientist but who have studied many fields of science just because I think it is interesting, I think it is so clear and so easy to see the evidence of oneness, and it explains so much. In my opinion you have to be half blind not to see it!

We are all in this together
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In my world there is no doubt that we are all connected and that we need each other; men and beasts. We are all parts in the circle of life and we humans have to step down from the pedestal we have placed ourselves on; we cannot survive on our own, without the other animals!

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