What About Shamanism?

What about shamanism
Chuonnasuan, the last shaman of the Oroqen

Shamanism to me is a strange but fascinating subject. I don’t know very much about it, but what I do know is that Shamans have a special connection to nature and other beings and I would love to know more about that and to be able to do what they do.

So what about shamanism?

Well, my personal theory is that once upon a time we all had like a mutual “harddrive” if you will, that we were all connected to, but when we started talking we didn’t think we needed to connect  via the harddrive anymore. I think the animals still have that connection, which is why they for example know how you feel almost before you do. At least my dogs always do. I also think the Shamans have discovered this link and how to connect to the harddrive so they can read nature and the rest of us. It is like we still store our info on the harddrive but we can’t connect to it without help from for example Shamans.

The Shaman’s Way of Healing

I just read this book called The Shaman’s Way of Healing, by Alberto Villoldo, and it fascinated me in many ways. It is not an easy book to read and it is not very entertaining, quite the opposite actually, and I had to re-read sentences quite often to understand what he was saying. I can’t say I think there was very much about Shamanism in it, but there was a lot about how spirituality can actually be explained by the workings of our brains.

The spiritual brain explained

I am logical enough to like it when spiritual experiences can be explained. It is also nice to be able to explain to square minded people that there is actually proof or at least on-going research on the spiritual subjects. We who are into this are not weirdos with our heads in the skies. There is a lot of serious research going on by very scientific people on the subjects, and more and more of our ideas and beliefs are being proven. This is why I like this book, even if it was not that fun to read.

The seven mortal sins

The author explains how we can identify and counteract our tendencies for the seven mortal sins: wrathavariceslothpridelustenvy, and gluttony by employing seven virtues. Doing this enables a person to move through the initiations to new phases in life and become a better, more enlightened version of him- or herself.

Shakra cleaning and balancing

In the book there is also some chakra practices that are very powerful, like a chakra cleaning and balancing practice, a chakra spirit travel and a description on how you can nourish your chakra with light. There is also an incredibly effective, yet very easy, way to release anger and other negative emotions that I have found to be truly helpful.

All this put together means I do recommend this book, if you don’t mind that it is not very entertaining.

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