What Are the Best Meditation Techniques?

A perfect place for meditation
A perfect place for meditation

Well, in my opinion, it differs from day to day. Some days it works best to sit in silence and focus on a mantra, other days focusing on breathing works better. For me the very best meditation techniques often involve either having water sounds or native american flute music playing very softly, or sitting in the forest.

Move while you meditate? 

Not many people think of nature walks as meditation, but actually, it can at times be the very best way to meditate. I sometimes find that I cannot sit still and relax enough to meditate for different reasons, so then I go for long walks and process what ever it is that prevents me from slowing my mind and body down enough to do my meditation and it is just as good as traditional meditation.

Find meditation walks on the Internet

If you check on the Internet there is groups who do meditation walks together and instead of focusing on breathing you simply focus on walking, like a sort of Mindfulness exercise. Meditating in groups like this might be the perfect way to get started, because meditation might not always come as easy as we might want it to.

Which meditation technique do you prefer?

5 thoughts on “What Are the Best Meditation Techniques?”

  1. I prefer sitting or laying in nature with only nature sounds. Walking barefoot grounds me with mother earth. Love and light

  2. People truly underestimate the power of meditation and the ease. You don’t need a lot of fluff or additions to get in a good meditative state.

    My favorite mode of mediation? A nice walk along the shore of any beach! The waves, the wind, the sounds, the calm and the smells. Feeling the sand move beneath my feet, my toes sinking into the shifting sands especially at tide?! Amazing.

    1. Meditation is really amazing! I know no fluff is needed but many people do not know how to meditate, so getting some ideas and learning how simple it really is can benefit those who are new to it. Namaste

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