What Is The Most Powerful Feeling?

What is the most powerful feeling?
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Feelings are strong indicators of what we are thinking and if we are in a positive or negative flow, but what is the most powerful feeling? Which feeling empowers us to no end? Although anger, sadness and anxiety all create strong effects in the body, they are by no means the strongest feeling! The most powerful feeling is and always will be: love! Love is the feeling that ends wars and changes history. If we all focused on love the world would  change for the better in no time.

My theory on feelings is that we might think the negative ones are stronger but that is only because we don’t like them and want to get away from them. Love feels so good and natural that we want to stay in that feeling, and feeling good is something we can easily forget because it is comfortable.

Two feelings

There is this theory that the only two feelings that actually exist in the Universe are love and fear, and that fear is actually just a lack of love. If we have a look around on the situation in the world I think there is a lot to that theory, and that most of the horrible things going on are a result of fear and lack of love.

The school yard bully

What is the most powerful feeling?
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If you think about it; most often those who bully others are afraid in one way or another. A fear of feeling or seeming weak is to many people the driving force behind almost everything they do. They might fear being bullied themselves, or they come from circumstances where they are being mistreated and take it out on others because they cannot get back at their own tormentors. Looking at the background of almost all bullies, you will find that they have problems and need help sorting things out, but above all; they need love, unconditional love and understanding can cure the most hardened bully.


This is a big one, but it is also a matter of fear; fear of the unknown, fear of ideas one doesn’t understand, fear of other cultures etc.
In some ways it is exactly the same thing as schoolyard bullying but on a grand scale. If we pick apart the reasons wars are started it is almost always a matter of fear and that someone, who wants power and is afraid of not being seen as a strong leader, brings war about to further his own ego. If we could get these leaders to look beyond their egos there would be no wars!

What is the most powerful feeling?
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If we could make the effort of trying to understand each other and embrace each other’s differences we could create lasting peace, and the first step is to show love. This might sound corny, but I think it is the only way. Wars have not done the trick so why not try love instead?

Love and strength

What is the most powerful feeling?
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When we love unconditionally, we can move mountains, litterally! Who hasn’t read about the mother who lifts a car to save her child or someone who carries an injured friend for miles to get help? This is not something that hate and fear can help you with, only love gives that kind of strength!

For me, I can definitely say one thing: even though I am terrified of heights, I would walk a high-wire between two skyscrapers to save my daughters, and I would not hesitate even a second!

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