When are you really present?

When are you really present?So often do I catch myself thinking about oher things when I really should be concentrating on what someone is talking to me about or what I am reading or doing. It is almost like a disease that we cannot focus on the present; we are constantly thinking about something in the future or dwelling on what happened in the past.

Really seeing children

It is really frustrating when I realize that I have not taken the time to see and listen to my own children or children I meet. Listening to a child is so important and they always know it when you don’t. You should always make it a point to really listen to what they have to tell you, because it builds their self confidence when they feel that you value what they say and that you actually are there for them. If we just pretend to listen, the child knows it immediately and feigning interest can truly take away a child’s sence of value.

When are you really present?
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Listen to friends!

How about when we talk to friends? How often do we not just “half listen” while we are planning our response? We think we know where they are going with what they are saying and so we are already working on a witty comeback. This makes us lose half the conversation and we don’t take in the new information they might be trying to give us! Not to mention it is also a bit rude….

The best way to remember a person

When are you really present?
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If you want to remember a person’s name and many other things about that person, and if you also want a person to like you; don’t just get their business card! Instead you should most definitely focus totally on what the person you are talking to is actually saying!

Ex-president Clinton is considered a very nice person by almost all people he meets because of his incredible ability to never forget a face. This knack is based in the fact that when he talks to someone; he focuses completely on that person and really listens before he responds, and wouldn’t that be a great thing to do? Don’t we all love it when we are being listened to? When what we say is being contemplated and valued? I know I want my friends to feel valued in that way.

Doing things in the moment

When are you really present?
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Being present is not to just listen while someone is talking; it is also being aware of what you are doing. When you are present you give your focus to the things at hand, and by doing that almost anything is more pleasurable then when you just try to get it done. Doing the dishes or mopping the floor becomes less of a chore when you do it consciously and with care. When we go through life staying in the moment everything becomes almost like a meditation and we find that so many things we have never noticed before are beautiful, just because we open our eyes. I know this is how I want to live my life; with my eyes open!

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Namaste, Kristina

4 thoughts on “When are you really present?”

  1. Hi Kristina- I really enjoyed your article and personally believe you are right on point. When you are present you do give your focus to the things at hand, as well as embracing your I am ness. It also helps you to awaken to your true inner self. Being present is a practice we all should take to heart. Great post!


    1. Hi Tom! Being present is very important for our happiness and to stay connected with our loved ones. It’s funny you write about I am ness; I have said for a long time that if I ever were to have a tattoo it would say: “I am”, nothing more and nothing less 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!
      Namaste, Kristina

  2. Hi Kristina

    Everything you mentioned above is so true I have many times allow myself to wonder off in another world instead of doing what I have set before me.

    Although it’s not a bad thing when you wander off to a world that is filled with happiness and much love and blessing it can slow you down with what you should be focusing on in the now or present as you have beautifully stated.

    One part that you mentioned is what I feel is the most important part to take, learn, apply and live by.

    They are the (in my opinion) two of the most powerful words that can be applied in your life. The only additional mix to include with these two words in your belief.

    These two words are ” I AM” when you start to believe in these two powerful word you can always add to the mix.
    I AM wonderful I AM going forward I am a child of light, I AM Manifesting xxx into my life and the list can go on and on.

    As you can see having that belief in yourself and applying “I AM” can achieved more than one could image as you are manifesting that which was already and always there but you are now bringing it forth towards you for all the right reasons.

    Thank you for your post and I AM please to have found your website.


    1. Hi Andre! As always; you write such beautiful and wise comments.
      I always say that if I was to get a tattoo, it would only say I AM. Those two words are so powerful, and no one should ever put anything negative on the heels of them.
      Thank you so much for a wonderful comment and I AM truly grateful that you like my website and want to come back and share your wisdom.

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