Why be grateful when we are being tested?

Why be grateful when you are being tested?In my opinion gratitude is one of the most positive feelings one can have. Being grateful for everything that happens fills our minds with warmth and helps us find more things to love and be grateful for and it also helps us to live in the moment. Who does not like it when someone they love drops by for a visit or when they get a compliment, a bouquet of flowers, an unexpected call from a friend or just a smile from a stranger? But how can we be grateful when we are being tested? In most situations we can find something to be grateful for if we only look closely enough, and with an intentionally  grateful attitude we can overcome almost anything.

When we are being tested

Quite often things go wrong or someone is not nice to us or something bad happens. In these situations we have choices; if what we are striving for doesn’t work out according to plan we can give up, or we can push on. If someone says something mean, we can internalize it, lash out or we can let it go. There are many different ways to react to things, but the best way is always to be grateful. Why?

Gratitude helps you grow!

If we come from a feeling of gratitude, we can see the problems we are having in a different light. If things don’t work out as fast as we want them too, that gives us a chance to build a steadier foundation for them. If someone is mean, we can be grateful that we know that what they say is not true and it also gives us a chance to view them with love because if they are mean we know they are probably not very happy with themselves.

When we can meet problems with a sence of gratitude, they are much more easy to solve, and without having to face problems a person can never grow. If everything would always work out the way we want, we would become spoiled and unsatisfied because satisfaction comes from being able to solve things and from the feeling that we have accomplished something.

Grateful makes beautiful

When we envy someone for things they have that we don’t have, it Why be grateful when we are being testedmakes us feel bad. If instead we start looking around at the things we have and feel grateful for them, our things become more beautiful and we no longer have to feel envious. What we have is enough, and quite often if we really look at what we are envious for, it is not to our taste anyway, it might just be shiny and new but would not fit us, or fit in our homes, so why not be grateful for what we have instead? Often when we want what we don’t have the real reason we want it is because we think that owning those things will make us happy, so the conclusion is that what we really want is to be happy, and since things can’t make us happy anyway why not be happy with what we already have?

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Blessings, Kristina

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