Wishes Fulfilled – by Dr. Wayne D Dyer

wishes-fulfilledWishes Fulfilled, mastering the art of manifesting, is one of the last books by Wayne Dyer, and it is a gem. It sums up the things he learned that helped him to live a wishes fulfilled life and he tells of the synchronicities that led him to reverse the ego-dominated direction his life was taking in his earlier years. In this book he gives some suggestions for how we too, can learn how to manifest our dreams by relinquishing our egos, feeling good and knowing that we have all the abilities we need to do so.

About the Author

Dr. Wayne Dyer was an American author, lecturer and wise man, who sadly passed away by the end of August 2015. He was a number 1 New York Times bestselling author of several books on self-help and life improvement and he has touched the hearts of millions with his lectures and books.

About the book

Wishes Fulfilled is a remarkable book, as it touches upon many different subjects, like how to change your self-concept and how the spirit world might impact our lives. He tells the stories of how he was healed by world renowned healer John of God by remote surgery, how he felt filled by the spirit of Saint Francis while speaking in a church in Assisi and many other interesting stories from his life. He also talks about how the strange phenomenon of orbs had started to occur in his life and in the lives of others he had encountered. With his trademark soft and humble style he gives room for interpretation and does not declare that his ideas are the only valid ones. He has added photos with these orbs as example of how they appeared and they are truly intriguing.

The book contains many ideas on how we can use our imagination and our thoughts to change our lives in a more positive way and what we might want to think about to find peace and make our dreams come true. These ideas are quite easy to incorporate into our daily life and thus will make it more likely that we do. There is no feeling in the book that “you must do this or that”; only that the things he suggests might be a good idea and that is a very appealing quality. Many a time spiritual teachers will tell what to do and how to do it but this is not the style of this book and that makes it much more encouraging than many others.

My thoughts

As I have been a follower of Wayne Dyer’s writings and lectures ever since I heard him a few years ago, I truly like this book a lot. It is easy to read and has some really great information and guidelines in it. The generous way in which he shares his wisdom and the wisdom of his mentors is, as always, astonishing. While reading it one can almost hear his voice and feel the kindness that he radiated in everything he did. I truly recommend this book, in every way. I have read it twice already and I will definitely read it again, as I find that every time I read it I learn more and find new ways in which it makes me happy and peaceful.

If you live outside of the US you can find the book here.

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