Women’s Day of Celebration – How Far Have We Actually Come?

Women's day of celebration - how far have we actually come?
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As today is Women’s Day I have thought a whole lot about our role in society and why things seem to be so out of balance. Why is it that women still to this day and in our culture are treated with disrespect? Are those men who claim to be working for equality only paying lip service? Why is it so hard to understand that we should all work together for our common good and that men cannot survive without women? And
why is it that man is the norm and woman is somehow an anomaly?

Drugs and disesases

Just look at medical research: all of the research has until very recently been focused on men and how they react on the drugs. Why? Because men don’t have those pesky hormonal changes every month. This has led to that when women get the same drugs as men, and with the same dosage, their bodies don’t react the same way and the drugs are often actually harmful to women. Even the lab rats they do the research on are almost exclusively male (good for the female rats though)!

Women's day of celebration - how far have we actually come?
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It has only recently been discovered that women don’t have the same symptoms as men when they get, for example, heart attacks. This means that a woman is a lot more likely to die from a heart attack than a man, because she and those around her don’t recognize her symptoms. This is absolutely crazy, but it is unfortunately true.

Hysterical women?

Many a time women’s diseases have also been called hysteria and other degrading things just because men do not have the same problems and the (mostly male) doctors don’t know what the problem is. Just about a hundred years ago women were forcibly given hysterectomies to ‘cure’ sexual frustration! It sounds outrageous but is (sadly) true! To this day diseases that are predominantly female are scoffed at and treated with disregard until some more enlightened scientists prove they are real. I do hope my daughters will never have to experience doctors who act like that and that if they do; they will have the strength to speak their mind.

Women's day of celebration - how far have we actually come?
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When we create things

The same thing goes for almost all areas of society: what women create is not given the same value as what men create. For example: a piece of wooden furniture from a hundred years ago, made by a man, can cost enormous amounts while a beautiful rug or lace, made by a woman, often costs almosts nothing. When a man learns to crochet or knit it is considered very special; a woman who does the same thing is of no interest.

Women's day of celebration - how far have we actually come?
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Outside in or inside out

The attitude when we seek happiness is also, in my opinion, permeated by male values. And please note that I don’t mean that women don’t do this too, because we do! We have taken on a lot from what we have learnt is the ‘correct’ way to do things and since society is male dominated, we do things that way too. We seek outside confirmation instead of giving confirmation to ourselves, which also means that when we do not get that confirmation we feel lost and even useless.

Religion and the feminine

It is also interesting to see that in many of the major religions women are considered inferior and the old female deities are made out to be bad and evil. Wise women were called witches and they were persecuted and killed, mostly because they did and knew things men could not understand and so they were considered dangerous. Looking at how things are today: medical research is still dominated by men and those who know a whole lot about natural and herbal cures are mostly women, and if these women talk too much about what they can do they are thrown in jail. Not much has changed in that regard, except the burning at the stake part.

The right to our own body

Women's day of celebration - how far have we actually come?
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It is unbelievable that female rape victims are treated like they “asked for it” by the courts and law enforcement, even though all research into this shows that what they wear is insignificant. Rape is not about sex, it is about power. In some countries it is even illegal to get raped! In other countries the rapists will not be charged if they marry their victims! I would say that the logic in these laws is not exactly striking, to say the least, and if I was a man I would do anything in my power to rectify these injustices.

This post might be provocative to some, but if you think about it: we all have masculine and feminine sides, and we do things accordingly. The problem is that what we do or create is so often valued differently, and we have to learn to talk about these things without letting our egos get the best of us, so that we can create lasting change. A lot of the problems would go away if we could teach each other instead of having one gender always being the instructor and norm and the other always being the pupil and anomaly.

Please tell me your thoughts on this or any of the other posts, I’d love to know what you think!

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Namaste, Kristina




19 thoughts on “Women’s Day of Celebration – How Far Have We Actually Come?”

  1. Interesting text Kristina. You nicely describe some facts about physiological differences between sexes, which are reality and should be accepted as such. However difference regarding the position in the society are not acceptable. I have two daughters and I want them to be respected as humans and as equal, no less than that. I am a bit optimistic, things are changing in the right direction. But back, to physiology, women are disadvantaged, just think about the fact of having a baby when you have to work on your career. This is a task indeed. Jovo

    1. Hi Jovo, thanks for you comment!
      The work to accomplish equality is far from over and I don’t think it will be in my lifetime, but maybe in the lifetime of our daughters? It is absolutely baffling that the physiological differences have not been entered into the equation when they have done research until just a few years ago, and there is actually still many research facilities where they only use male animals!
      Having babies should be considered just as valuable as working, in my opinion, and women should get a salary for being home with their babies as long as they are breast feeding them. When they stop doing that the men should get to stay home too, so they get to bond with their kids. Children need to be with their parents more than they have a chance to nowadays!
      Blessings, Kristina

  2. Hello Kristina, when we look around, and the world is very small nowadays, there is quite a lot of un-equality to spot. Not just in the things you have mentioned. Look at the leaders of most countries and their governments, is there an equal partition of man and women?
    Their is a lot of work to do to reach total equality for every human being.

    1. Hi Loes, you are absolutely correct! This time I just wanted to shine the light on some more unusual parts of the division. I heard on the news today that the inequality is getting worse in the west again, so working for equality is becoming even more important.
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. I agree with alot of what you’re saying and if I take the vehicle in for repair I still have men try to take advantage of me being a woman and not supposedly knowing mechanics, but I do through my work experience and it usually surprises them when I reciprocate with my knowledge of vehicles! But in the same sense I am lucky because at my new job I am treated with respect when I know more than men about the subject at hand!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! I know exactly what you mean, I have spent enough time in the garage with my man to know what is what on the car, and it is quite clearly not expected when you talk to a mechanic. As a woman you have to be better at doing many things than a man, in order to get half of what men get automatically. And the saddest part is that we are so used to it that we don’t even react most of the time.
      Take care, Kristina

  4. I’m always an honest, or I cannot sleep at night. So being male and saying what I am going to say I feel you already have me classified or rather segregated into a category though I’ll go ahead anyhow.

    I feel that everyone everywhere should be treated equal but the societies of the world have a long way to go to get there, some more than others.

    I feel your off base with some of your post and have automatically demonized all males, even those to which I feel certain you will classify me.

    I will say that you certainly have your own free voice and are welcome to your views and that I agree with the majority of what you’ve stated but I don’t feel that bashing half of humanity will bring you peace or get you and other women closer to equality.

    I’m with you – Happy Woman’s Day

    Always a fan,


    1. Hi Eric, I think you have misunderstood a whole lot of what I have written if you think I demonize all males or bash half of humanity. What I want is for the half of humanity to which I belong, to get the same rights and opportunities that your half take for granted. I actually asked a male friend to read the post before I posted it just to make sure it was not that easy to misunderstand.

      As a woman I am used to being treated with disregard by some men. So used to it in fact that I don’t even notice it sometimes so how would a man notice it? I thought about how I could possibly discribe this to a man, but it is hard. It should be very obvious though that women don’t have the same opportunities, considering that there are fewer women CEOS than ones named John or Robert in the US.

      I’m sorry you feel that I am bashing the male part of humanity, that is not my intention, I just want to shine a light on what is still happening, all over the world, and the things I mention are just a fraction of it.

      Blessings, Kristina

    2. Hi Eric

      I read your comment to the post above.

      Firstly it is great that you agree on some parts of what was written however I totally disagree with you on what you state that the author has automatically demonized all males.

      You also feel you are being classified in the same group.

      Wow! Are you way off base there!!!

      Let me first start with the second comment of yours.

      Classified. Really?

      So you feel you are being classified in the same group as males who are negative towards women and their want to be equal in standing to men?

      If you feel you have been classified in this particular group then you should ask yourself why have you placed yourself in that position in the first place as the author did not put you there you did that on your own accord.

      Perhaps you need to do some soul searching on your values with life and women and yourself. But that is your issue to deal with not the author’s or what has been written above.

      Secondly if you are calling half of humanity as males that are being demonized you are way off target there too.

      There are many males who agree and want the same equality as women it may not be a majority at the moment just like women at the moment may not be a majority but it is increasing albeit at a slow pace.

      But regardless of the numbers there are more than half of the men you are talking about that agree and look forward to the day and opportunity to stand side by side with a woman and to both know they have each others back because they are equal as human beings and not because of their sex.

      It is more like men demonizing women and this group of people are the ones who are doing the bashing towards women who only want their opportunity in having freedom and equality.

      There are still far too much of this attitude where many groups of males treat women as second rate (if they are lucky) or even worse.

      So Kristina is not bashing males as the half of humanity as you state but merely bring up a factual point on how women are being treated as inferior by they male counterpart.

      The only bashing is what you may feel as an attack on your ego.
      That is my opinion as a male as I certainly never felt in any way threatening or have the feeling of being demoralized or bashed as a male.

      I agree that everyone has their own free voice and are welcome for their views as you and I have stated here but also remember that the author is totally entitled to her point of view and is definitely not bashing males not even close to the mark.

      As stated in the post and I quote “if you think about it: we all have masculine and feminine sides, and we do things accordingly”.

      I ask this” Isn’t stating that the author who happens to be a woman and saying they are demonizing all males.

      That would be considered as being a sexist remark toward females.

      It would be interesting if a male wrote this article and see if other men would want to make the same comment that males are being demonized.

      It is the Alter-Ego talking in defense mode and not the true self when stating that males are being demonized.

      Wishing you well in your world you live in.

      Take care


  5. Hi Kristina

    Another great post congratulations on that.

    I have shared your post above on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus as this post deserves the credit for many others to see, read and learn from your valuable insight.

    I totally agreed with what you have stated. Yes many times the man becomes the main focus and the women if lucky gets to be in the near background which is wrong.

    Perhaps the caveman may have done all the hunting and the woman did the cooking then. Yet without the knowledge of how to cook the man would have starved as their ego prevented them from wanting to learn and share their knowledge.

    Yes man and woman are differently atomically perhaps the man may have more strength, but women seems to have more stamina.

    Perhaps that is why Women were chosen by our creator to bear children as they are able to handle the situation better than man. If this is so then why is man considered to be the strong of the two?

    Not too long ago I remember seeing a TV show that’s has various vary hard and tough obstacles for contestants to complete and finally climb up a round cylindrical chamber and get to the top to hit that buzzer as they completed many tough and hard challenges.

    It was good to see that the only person who managed to complete this task was a women. No one else managed to finished. What was more interesting is that this lady had a male coach urging her on and he believe in her talents and abilities. That is not only called team work but also called being one with each other as equals.

    Unfortunately not enough is being done to bring the balance between man and woman and recognize that we are both humans of equal value.

    Consider this according to the Bible Eve (woman) came from the Rib of Adam (Man) so if Woman came from Man then they are one with each other. They are of equal value.

    If the Bible doesn’t mix with people and the woman and man were somehow created in some other fashion due to a big bank or some other theory then they are still equal as they would have been created in the same fashion.

    The male ego unfortunately has a lot to answer for and not always for the benefit of humankind.

    Perhaps we won’t see the final balance in our lifetime perhaps not in our children’s but hopefully at least their children’s lifetime that balance will finally be realized.

    Hopefully this final realization can also bring about many other peaceful aspects in life that are very distressing not just to women but to all concerned and we are one with each other.

    Even the words Woman and Man are together so the Wo is only added to differentiate the different sexes but man is added to the Wo to become united as one hence Woman the two are one and equal with each other.

    Be at peace and may we all honor the soul within each other and raise the vibration so that we become one with each other as human beings not objects .

    Namaste my friend

    1. Hi Andre,

      as always you write with such insight and understanding.
      I want the genders to be able to celebrate our differences and it makes me just as sad when some women bash men for trying to help as it does when men treat women with disrespect.

      I unfortunately think you might be right that we will not see true equality in our lifetime, at least not in the whole world, but lets hope it starts moving in the right direction a bit faster.

      I would love for my daughters to get to feel that what they say is taken just as seriously as what their male counter parts are saying in the workplace. And if they were to appear on TV it would be nice if what they wear is not being commented on before what they talk about is noted. These two examples are just small things, but they are so ingrained that most people don’t even notice them, and we need to change all that to get anywhere.

      I wish all humans would be as peaceful and insightful as you my friend.

      Namaste and take care,

  6. Hello Kristina,
    I always enjoy reading your posts, very well written and I agree that women aren’t taken as serious as men are. I think it has gotten a little better, but not the way it should be.

    When you mention about if a man makes furniture from years ago, it has value to it. Well there was a movie out not to long ago called (Big Eyes) about a women who made paintings I believe it was in the 50’s or 60’s. Anyway her husband signed the paintings because no one would buy them if they knew a woman painted them.

    They made millions off these paintings and she never received credit for it until she finally exposed the truth. I just wanted to verify what you said about the difference in value when it comes to men and women.

    The only man I feel sorry for is my Dad, he lives with my mom and 3 teenage daughters. So when hormones are racing he is always in the middle of it lol. Gotta love him for being so patient.

    1. Hi Jazmin, thank you for your sweet comment! Love to find your comments on my site 🙂

      What a great example you bring up, and it is not uncommon, it has been the same thing with several authors who have had to use pseudonyms to even have a chance of getting their work published.

      Men like your dad are the true salt of the earth and I’m so happy to see that you are proud of him, as you should be 🙂 I love men like that!
      Blessings, Kristina

  7. Hi, thanks for your post. It is so true that much discriminatory behavior that women experience is not so obvious to a lot of people (male and female) because it is all to common. We have to keep talking and exposing to slowly change the paradigm from which the day to day difference will come. Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Monica, thanks for your comment!
      you are absolutely right, we have to shine a light on this and make people see that this behaviour is so ingrained that we don’t even see it anymore. I want my girls to be able to do what they want, when they want to, without thinking about how men and boys react to what they are doing.
      Take care, Kristina

  8. Hi Kristina,
    What a great article and thanks for writing it. I had lots of discussions with my husband in the past and even though he is a good man he certainly has his very own views about women’s equality, especially in the workplace.
    I am accepting his opinion and don’t get heated anymore *lol*, but sometimes it does anger me.
    I saw yesterday the documentation on a show here in Canada called “The Passionate Eye” about the gang rape of a woman riding a bus in India last year.
    One of the rapist was also interviewed and his comments to justify his actions was appalling to say the least.
    Yes, I do agree with you that women rights here in the West seem to getting worse or at leas decline quite a bit.
    Women have some physical disadvantages to say it in a general way, not as a discrimination. but they also have to balance their “place”, given by society, to get things done.
    A woman, if she is married and has a family, can’t stay at home anymore. The life-standards nowadays are so high that it is impossible for a man to provide solely for his family.
    Therefore a woman has to get at least a part-time job to help to support the family. Than, she still has to take care of the household and the children.
    Some men do help in the family, but I know a few of them they just can’t. Working 12-14 hours a day, they just won’t offering it and most women don’t ask for it either. After all, we are use to it to juggle multi tasks.
    There is lots to discuss about and we only can watch how it will unfold for us.
    One thing though I have learned over the years, being spiritual and working also with the Law of Attraction, having a higher and more positive attitude does help to shift things, especially in the workplace.
    I stop now 🙂
    Again, wonderful post.

    1. Thank you Sylvia, for a kind and insightful comment! You are absolutely right that there is so much to do still, to get real change, and that many men have a hard time giving up their views on women’s equality. Unfortunately many men react with the ego instead of thinking things over when we try to talk to them about this, and it can be very hard not to get angry when they do.

      I haven’t seen the documentary you mention, but I have heard about it, and it is mindblowing that there is still men who think like this. It’s like they believe women are a different species that has no feelings or something. If only they knew what they are missing out on; a good familylife, companionship and sooo much more.

      Namaste, Kristina

  9. Hi Kristina,

    Excellent post. This is so true. Have an International Woman Day has unfortunately not changed the lives of many women in the world who carry on suffering and I’m not talking about equal pay here but rather about countries where excisions are still being performed and young girls are being forced into marriages at very young ages.

    I live in Switzerland where the Federal Government comprises 7 heads of State. They are called Federal Councillors. There are 3 women and 4 men. Each represents a party. They rotate as president yearly.

    This year our president is Simonetta Sommaruga and one of the items on her agenda this year is to convince the CEOs of big companies to have at least on or more women on their board of directors.

    The reactions were not very positive, but she is adamant.

    I believe change will happen and it might happen in your daughters’ generation. I have faith.

    Thank you for your courage in sharing your thoughts for this is how change happens!!


    1. Hi Emilie, thank you for your beautiful and encouraging comment, I am truly humbled by it.

      I have for many years taken an interest in the Fistula Foundation in Adis Ababa, and the stories I have heard concerning the girls they help there are sometimes absolutely horrible. The girls who come to the clinics have been physically injured by becoming pregnant at a very young age.

      Politicians like Simonetta Sommaruga are what we need to create some change and progress. It is so sad that the process is still so very slow, and so many CEOs still do not understand how much it would benefit their companies to have women in senior positions.

      I live in Sweden, and here the politicians take pride in talking about how much they work for equality, but then it is quite often
      easy to see that the equality does not run that deep when a woman has the audacity to have her own opinion.

      I do hope writing and talking about this problem can help the process along so my girls get to live in a world where equality is the natural way to live.

      Regards, Kristina

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