You can heal your life – by Louise L hay

You can heal your lifeI don’t even know how to review this book, since it has been around for so long and so many people already know how fantastic it is.  You Can Heal Your Life is the go-to book for just about any problem you might have, except maybe how to furnish your house or something.  But I’ll bet you could come up with ideas for that too if you look long enough.

About the book

This book holds a whole lot of wisdom and life experience and it gives the reader many wonderful tools for gaining a better self respect, self esteem and a stronger self confidence.  It offers many suggestions on powerful affirmations that can be used for all sorts of problems and they can of course also be adapted to fit whatever thing you need to work on.

You will also get to read the story of how Louise L. Hay came to be the icon she is within the world of self-help and self-healing.  And a truly inspirational story it is.


Healing your body from diseases by doing affirmations might sound strange, but it has been proven to work time and time again, and the powerful affirmations you get in this book make you so much stronger.   After all, many of our diseases are a direct result of our thoughts, so then it is just logical that we should be able to cure them through our thoughts.

About the Author

Louise L Hay grew up under meager circumstances and was subjected to both sexual and physical abuse.  A runaway at the age of 16, she worked her way up through modelling and married a wealthy businessman.  When he left her for another woman she started over and began working as a motivational speaker.  From this she came to start Hay House, which is now the largest publishing firm within the spiritual and slef-help genre.

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Namaste, Kristina

2 thoughts on “You can heal your life – by Louise L hay”

  1. Hi Christina. I know this book and it is well worth having. Louise hay did an exceptional work, Great website by the way. I’m going to have to check out some more book reviews. Randy

    1. Thanks again Randy! I love this book, it is so great and so easy to read and understand! I’m soon adding a great book about meditation and mindfulness, written by an engineer (yup, he is, and he has some novel ways of describing meditation, it is very funny) so stay on the lookout!
      Cheers, Kristina

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